A buyer’s guide to lingerie for men and women

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When it comes to buying lingerie, both for yourself or other people, it can be a bit of a minefield. Lingerie touches closely on lots of areas that we often don’t talk about: our intimate inner worlds, how we view ourselves as attractive beings, etc. It can be a hard tightrope to walk between getting it so right, and so wrong. Here are some pointers to help avoid awkward moments and hopefully hit the lingerie target bulls-eye for both sexes.

Ladies first

If you are someone buying lingerie for the lady in your life, it is likely you will be experiencing mixed emotions. The fear of choosing the wrong garments may cause you to feel a little tense, but there’s no need to worry. It is important to get the basics right in order to choose successfully, but this is easy. Check in her underwear drawer for the sizes that she uses in both bra and panties. Try to check several garments to get a good idea of size, as different brands may run big or small. At the same time, look at the types of styles she picks out for herself: girly or punkish? Does she prefer any particular colors or combinations? Next, head for the lingerie store and start looking. If the idea of entering a lingerie store makes you break out in a cold sweat, consider buying lingerie online to avoid the unwelcome attention of over-zealous sales staff and also to give yourself time to fully peruse the goods on offer without feeling desperate to flee the scene. You can find cheap sexy intimate apparel of great quality online, if you know where to look.

Gentleman’s tastes

If you are someone aiming to add style to your special guy’s underwear drawer, you need to study his habits. Does he prefer boxers or briefs? Is he a physical guy that requires support, or a laid back dude whose requirements are looser? Introduce him to the new undergarments on the block, boxer briefs. With their fitted silhouette, they emphasize your man’s physique whilst keeping him adequately supported. Men tend to change their underwear depending on their activity and whether they need more or less support. If he is committed to one shade, say white, why not show him that patterned and multicolored styles can work just as well while adding a little fun?

Shared shopping experience

A really fun way of spending time together is going on a lingerie-shopping spree. Make sure to discuss which types you find attractive, exciting, sensible, etc. Everyone has different comfort boundaries when it comes to lingerie; not all men like to wear thongs, for example, and some women find it hard to relax in underwear that is too saucy or racy, preferring a more delicate and feminine style. It’s all up to you.

With you both there to offer opinions and feedback, the chances of buying something you are both comfortable and satisfied with are really heightened. Shopping for underwear together is a fun and intimate shared activity that shows mutual trust and helps bring couples closer together. Isn’t that something you should be trying?

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