Incredible Places You’ve Never Heard Of In India

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When you go to a place like India, you’ll most likely research the country online. On a site like Tripadvisor, you’ll get all the tourist spots and a list of things to do. The best, most exciting attractions in the country, they claim. But if you rely solely on these types of resources you’ll miss some astounding and truly incredible places. So, if you’re heading to India this year, forget about the popular tourist destinations. Old Delhi is filled with beautiful architecture and history that still feels alive. Goa is beautiful, with gorgeous, tranquil beaches. But this isn’t the full story of this wonderful country. There are things out there you quite simply, would not believe.

Smart Cities

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Have you ever heard of a smart city? You might have heard of a smart everything else, but a city? We’re not so sure because it’s still a relatively new concept. In fact, the first smart city in Bangalore is still being built. But that doesn’t make them any less impressive. In fact, it’s an incredible site to see an entire society being built from scratch. Imagine, if you will, the sight of a house being built. Not all the impressive, we admit. How about a planned community. One has to admit this is an interesting site. Now think about a city, empty and beautiful. That’s exactly what currently awaits visitors in India. A city designed for people to one day live there. You might even consider buying a home and get a hundred and thirty acres in the asking price!

Twin Town

We wonder if you’ve ever seen Kodinhi mentioned on those tourist sites. Again, we wouldn’t be so sure because Kodinhi is one of India’s best kept secrets. It’s quiet little town and if you drove through you’d never notice anything peculiar. Unless of course, you notice the sign, that reads Twin Town. Incredibly almost every family living in this small town has more than one set of twins. That’s astounding and certainly cannot yet be explained by science. It  must be seen to be believed.


Would you like to see magic? We bet you would and you can if you head to India this summer. Shivapur is home to the levitating rock. The massive 70KG rock can only be lifted by eleven fingertips touching it. You must then call out a magical, mythical name. Watch as a rock that should be impossible to lift floats. Again, scientists can not explain why this is or what causes the rock to move. Is it a trick or is this the work of the gods in front of our very eyes? You’ll have to go there to find out.

Absolute Faith

Finally, you might consider yourself a religious person but how much trust would you put in your god? Would you leave your door unlocked all the time? How about leaving it wide open? In Shani Shingnapur, none of the houses have doors. Even the bank isn’t locked. This is because the inhabitants of this village put their trust entirely in the hands of God. Since the village has a zero crime rate, it must make you wonder.

We hope you see now there is more than meets the eye to India. You may visit the popular destinations. But make sure you take a trip to some of these hidden wonders as well.

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