Some Leather Terms For Leather Lovers

Presented by Ghurka

If you like shopping for leather goods such as bags, shoes, and wallets, it is only fitting that you examine them properly for you to know if they are really genuine before buying them. We all know how expensive genuine leather goods are, and this way we know we are getting our money’s worth. If you are not a leather expert you might be at a loss when it comes to some terms. It is not required of you to know all the terms but at least have an understanding of what some of them mean. This would be beneficial for you when you shop at Ghurka.

We always hear calfskin and cowhide, the former being a thin leather made with the hide of a milk-fed cow and the latter being leather made from the skin of a grass-fed, full-grown cow. Another term is Moss Back which refers to the underside of leather with natural suede back intact. We also hear the term Patina, the natural color evolution of a piece of leather as a result of exposure to environmental elements like sun and rain and natural oils from the skin. Other leather words include collar pin, gusset, binding, raw edge, feathered edge construction, fused lining, harness stitch, heat stamp, Ghurka derby check, milled leather, chrome tanned leather, burnishing, and vegetable tanned leather.