Which Diamond Shape Should You Choose?

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Whether you are looking for your first or fortieth piece of jewelry, diamond rings will always be a classic choice. Things can get a little tricky, however, when you start getting down to the nitty-gritty of your diamond selection. If you’re stuck on deciding what kind of diamond ring to buy, choosing a shape that will suit your personality and style is a great way to start.

The Classics

Round brilliant and princess are classic diamond shapes, and for good reason. These diamonds are adaptable to many settings and are flattering to most hands. Round brilliant is considered the most traditional shape, and because of its versatility it has remained a popular choice for years. Princess shaped diamonds are square in shape and commonly used in engagement rings, often as the center stone in multi-stone pieces.

Unique and Rare

If you feel like being a little adventurous with your diamond choice, you may want to try a more unique shape, such as a heart-shaped or radiant diamond. The fun and sweet heart-shaped diamond makes a great statement. They are also popular choices for earrings and pendants, so this is a good option if you are interested in getting a matching set.

Radiant diamonds are another good choice if you are looking for a stone that is slightly off the beaten path. This shape puts the brilliance of the stone front and center by featuring corners that are barely trimmed. In appearance, radiant shaped stones are similar to emerald shaped diamonds, but radiants also include facet types that are usually only found in round shapes.

Some diamond shapes are rare because they are difficult to make. Trilliant diamonds, for example, are very unique, made with three equal sides and 50 facets. This shape is often reserved for luxury pieces due to its rarity and accompanying high price.

Vintage Styles

Asscher and cushion shapes are perfect for those who love vintage jewelry. Diamonds in these shapes are quite visually striking and usually showstoppers in their own right. As such, they are usually set as solitaires.

Flattering to Shorter Fingers

If you have shorter fingers, longer diamond shapes are a good choice, as they will help to elongate your hand. The marquise is an elegant and classic shape, with a long and tapered look. Oval shaped diamonds are another great option, as they also elongate shorter fingers.

If you have been thinking of getting a new diamond ring, you may want to consider which type of cut you want prior to beginning your search. The Internet has many great diamond resource pages; Milano has a guide listing the most popular diamond shapes and styles available to consumers. By having a good idea of your options before you take a look at the available rings, you can more easily narrow down your choices and find the diamond ring that is perfect for you.