Next Summer, Explore Brittany

We haven’t quite got through Christmas yet. But it’s still not too early to be thinking about your summer holiday for next year. It’s true to say that many people will have already booked theirs and marked it in the calendar. There’s good reason to do this because you’ll get low prices and the best accommodation. If you haven’t already thought of where you want to go next summer, I’ve got a great idea. You should consider exploring the beautiful and romantic region of Brittany in France. This stunning region lies on the Northwest corner of France, on the edge of the English Channel. There are so many reasons why Brittany is a wonderful place to visit; it’s going to be hard to pinpoint them all.

A Wonderful Stay

Whether you want to explore the wild coast of Brittany or have a relaxing couple of weeks, some of the most luxurious spots villas in France await you. If you like, you can rent out a traditional villa on the edge of the beach. This is the perfect choice if you have a couple of kids who would love waking up to the ocean outside their window. Just think about how perfect it would be to travel down the sandy shore for a morning swim. In the evening, you’ll be able to sit out on the beach under the stars, just a few feet from your villa. If you want this option, you should be thinking of booking now because those villas fill up fast.

You may also want to choose somewhere more rural. A lovely little cottage can be yours for a few weeks in one of the quiet towns away from the coast. This might be the choice for you if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of holiday goers. Instead, relax in comfort with your loved ones, away from the rest of the world in a perfectly secluded paradise.

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Explore The Region

You can’t go to Brittany and not explore the region in all its glory. The rolling green hills might remind you of home if you live in the south of England. But it’s almost assured that you’ll encounter wonderful experiences that you simply can’t find in Britain. Despite the name often translating to “little Britain,” Brittany is completely different. At least, a couple of days should be spent exploring some of the beautiful mountains you’ll see in the distance from your villa. Pack a lunch and head up on foot to where beautiful views await you.

Or, you could seek out one of the many wine vineyards in the area. There you will discover how to taste wine properly, and you might be able to purchase a souvenir or two. If wine isn’t your cup of tea, you might instead like to walk along the sandy beaches on the coast. There are plenty of attractions for tourists, including the chance to take up windsurfing.

If I’ve convinced you, why not have a look online and see what else your future holiday to Brittany could hold?

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