Don’t Tell the Bride

Everyone knows that the most important person at a wedding is the bride. It’s her day after all, and she can expect to be pampered, as well as have all eyes on her. However, there is some pretty important male role in a wedding as well. You know, folks like the groom, the father of the bride, and the best man, and these guys are going to need some nice gift to remember their part in the big day. Luckily there are some great gift suggestions specifically devised for men below.

Alcohol related

There tends to be a lot of alcohol that goes along with the celebration of marriage, and this is often incorporated into the male gifts for the party.

A very popular gift is a hip flask engraved with the guy’s role in the wedding and the date. Which provides a lasting memento of the day.

Or similarly a pewter or glass tankard with the same information. Of course, the benefit of this is that they can use it on the day for the toasts too.


Another great male gift for the guys involved in the wedding is a nice timepiece to go with their outfit on the day. A smart watch is always a well-received gift, and you can have the back engraved with a message of thanks for their participation.

You can even go for a pocket watch if your wedding is more vintage style. Which can make for some fabulous photo opportunities during the day.

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Of course, a classic gift for the guys involved the wedding is a good piece of jewelry. Jewelry can make a fantastic gift for the bride to give her future husband as it symbolizing the lasting nature of their union, and there are so many different items to choose from.

You could get a neck chain, a bracelet, or even a ring. However, it is important to choose carefully as jewelry can be quite a personal thing and it’s not always guaranteed that the recipient will wear what you get them.

For instance, older guys might like something a bit more understated like some simple cuff links. While the younger generation may appreciate something a little more edgy like the pieces available at Or you could even try something that is designed and personalized just for them like the items you can commission on Etsy.


Lastly, a practical gift never goes amiss when you are buying for a man. So consider items like wallets, shaving kits, and Swiss army knives like the ones available at


Leather wallets can be marked with the date, or latitude and longitude of the wedding to make them more personalized. Or just the guy’s initials if you want to go for something simple.

Shaving kits are best when they have a metal or wooden finish and are presented in a nice gift box.

Don’t forget too that Swiss army knives can also be engraved. Get them in a decent size, though. So the men folk can use the on their next hunting/fishing/camping trip.

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