Find the Motivation to Get Fit For Your Wedding


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It was Valentine’s Day this last weekend, and our second as a married couple. We weren’t much in a celebrating mood, but it was nice to spend the day together anyway. It did get me thinking about our wedding again and how a lot of women want to get fit for their wedding. I don’t think it’s essential to lose weight or to set a fitness goal for your wedding day. But I know a lot of women want to so they can look and feel at their best. If you’re one of them, you might be finding it hard to motivate yourself to meet your goals. Here are some of my tips for feeling your best when the big day arrives.

Hold Off on the Engagement Ring

What? But you’ve got to have that beautiful engagement ring! How else is everyone going to know you’re engaged? If you haven’t got yours yet, think about waiting for just a little while. Anyone who’s going to have a long engagement could afford to wait a couple of months. But why should you? Well, rewards are great motivators when you have a goal to work toward. So picking out your favorite from the Tacori engagement rings collection can give you something to visualize. Use other rewards along the way too, whether it’s going for a cake tasting or picking out your dress.

Don’t Buy a Dress That Doesn’t Fit

It’s very tempting to buy a dress that’s a size or two too small and then hang it up in your bedroom. However, I advise against doing this! For one thing, there’s no guarantee the dress will fit or suit you, even if you reach the right clothes size. Even if it does mostly fit, you still might have to have some adjustments made. What’s more, maybe that’s not the dress size you’ll be happy with. You might lose a few pounds and decide that’s enough for you, but you haven’t lost enough to fit into the dress. Instead, find a dress you like but don’t buy it just yet.

Make Exercise a Must

Sometimes all it takes is being strict with yourself. You already have lots of daily tasks that you have to complete, from going to work to having a shower. So why not make a commitment by putting working out on your schedule? Don’t let yourself get away with making excuses. Just promise yourself you’ll do it and stick to your promise. It helps if you make plans with other people too. Maybe if your bridesmaids are willing to support you, you won’t want to let them down.

Destress with Workouts, Not Food

Wedding planning can be pretty stressful. It’s tempting to destress with a tub of ice cream at the end of the day. But working out can be even better to help you let go of all the wedding madness. You can get rid of any built up tension, and it will make you feel great.

Keeping fit and healthy in the run up to your wedding day can help you feel great. I recommend taking extra care of yourself while you plan.

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