Accessorizing 101: For Men

Accessorizing for men can be a little different to accessorizing for women. Women can throw on just about anything on their wrists, fingers, and necks and look great. They can add layer after layer, mix up various materials and stones, and still look absolutely fabulous. Accessorizing for men is a little trickier. Wearing too many accessories at once can leave a man looking like an aggressive gangster rapper. Fear not, though: this guide for men will leave you accessorizing like a pro!

Be Authentic

Don’t wear something just because it’s the ‘in thing’ right now or you think somebody else will like it. Chances are, you will look forced and won’t be able to pull it off. Whatever accessories you wear, make sure you love them and that they represent you authentically. This is so important!

A General Rule

Many people say that wearing more than 3 accessories at a time is too much for a male. Of course there can be exceptions, and if you like that sort of look then you should do what makes you happy! However, sticking to this rule if you’re unsure can help you to get used to accessorizing. Another rule you can stick to is taking the last thing you put on off if you look in the mirror and have an inkling you’re wearing too much. This is an old designer tip that is supposed to help you stay looking understated rather than showy.



Invest In Quality Accessories That You’ll Use

It’s pretty easy to spend your money on accessories that just won’t last very long. Before too long, they’ll look worn and lose that pizzazz they first had when you purchased them. It’s worth investing in certain accessories if you want to look your best. Choosing from a good selection of mens luxury watches is a good way to ensure your wrist is always dressed properly. A man can look a little naked without a watch! Other quality accessories worth investing in include a good wallet (there’s nothing worse than a wallet that falls apart after a few months!), a nice pair of shoes, a good tie, cufflinks, and perhaps even a man bag if you would find it useful!

It can be tough to part with a large amount of money on one item, but if you love it and you know you’re going to get a good amount of use out of it, it’ll be more than worth it.


Experiment a Little Bit

Reading guides like this can help you to an extent and is all well and good, but you’re only really going to learn when you experiment a little. Have a go at mixing things up and seeing what you like best. By doing this you’ll eventually come across a look and style that you want to stick with!

If you have accessorizing tips of your own, make sure you leave them below. Try out these tips and leave your comments too. See you again soon!

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