Your Wedding Is Where?!

When it come to picking your wedding venue you really want to make the right decision. You want you guests to be swept away with the romance of the place. What you don’t want is everyone to be complaining about how difficult it is to get to. Or, how your cousin’s’ wedding was at a much nicer place. With that in mind read on for some advice on wedding venue issues and how to resolve them.

The reception venue is separate to the ceremony

Why this is such a big deal, I’ll never understand? As this has been the way that wedding have been for decades. It’s just that since folks have started to have their celebrations in hotels, that can offer both the service and the reception, people’s ideas of what to expect has changed. But remember, if you want to have your ceremony if a different location than your reception it is perfectly possible.

To do this, you can ask your guests to make their own way from one to the other. But for convenience’s sake, it is usual to put on some transport.

This can be in the form of regular taxis or minivans. But it’s much more fun and festive to provide something like an old vintage bus, or even a hay ride for you guests. Especially, if it fits in with the theme of your day.

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The venue doesn’t offer catering

Another venue problem can be that you have found the perfect place, but they don’t offer any catering or drink packages. Luckily, you can hire outside caterers in to provide food and refreshments for your party.

Remember, even if the venue doesn’t have a kitchen or bar, this isn’t a problem. As many caterers can provide outdoor kitchens and pop up bars for the evening, along with people to man them.

The venue is remote

Another issue can be if your wedding venue is in a remote location. Of course, some of the most beautiful and picturesque places are remote, far away from civilization. So if you want to host your wedding in a place like that, remember the following guidance.

First of all, try and find somewhere locally for you guests to stay. This will make it a lot easier for them to get to the location for the start of the service. Also, provide a printed map and postcode for Sat Navs so your guests can find their way to the venue easily. As no one wants to arrive at a wedding stressed out of their mind because they have been lost for the last hour and now they are late.

The venue is not exclusive

Lastly, a common issue with wedding venues that you may come across is that you do not have exclusive use for the duration of your celebration. This means that other events, possibly even other weddings are going in at the same time, in the same building.

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However, you will likely have your own area in which to stick to so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Also, wedding venues that offer multiple events at one time are often much more reasonably priced than exclusive ones. So it can make sense financially to go for this option.

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