You Only Live Once: Unique Activities to Add to Your Bucket List

Life can flash before our eyes and before we know it, we’re old, slow and can no longer indulge ourselves in unique and fun activities that we missed out on when we were younger. But until that day happens, here are a couple of unique activities to add to your bucket list. No matter how big or small your current list is, make it a habit of ticking off as many items as you can in a year if you want to get the most out of our short time on earth.

Tour the world

This is perhaps the most common one that people indulge in. A tour of the world to visit many different countries, sample hundreds of cuisines, and meet thousands of people is an opportunity that no one should miss. The world is a beautiful place with diverse cultures and thousands of spectacular sights that aren’t done justice through video and pictures. Be it scaling the Great Wall of China or climbing up the Eiffel Tower in Paris, tour the world and explore it with your own eyes.

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For roughly a minute, you can fly. You can tumble in the air, meet with your friends in air, dive slowly, quickly, or even do flips in the air. It might seem scary at first, but if a 100-year-old grandmother has the drive to skydive, then you should have no problem mustering up the same courage. It’s an experience that has to be felt first-hand. Once you go skydiving the first time, you’ll want to keep coming back to experience that minute or so of flying.


Speaking of flight, how about taking the time to learn to fly? It’s controlled, a lot of fun, and not everyone can say they’ve piloted a plane in the air. If you’re wealthy, it could even turn into a fantastic hobby that you share with your friends. How about flying you and your friends over to some remote islands in the ocean, or perhaps taking them on an air tour? The possibilities are endless, but do keep in mind flying is an expensive hobby to indulge in.

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Explore a cave

There’s nothing quite as mysterious and exotic as exploring the bowels of the earth. Whether it’s a cave that you can dive in, a cave on the side of a mountain or something deep in the earth, exploring these locations can be breathtaking, wild and exciting. The natural formations of caves make them wonderfully eerie and beautiful and a cave exploration day makes an excellent addition to any far-out holiday you go on.


We’ve spoken about skydiving, we touched on exploring the earth, and now let’s talk about diving. There are some wonderful sights to be seen in crystal clear waters. With so much aquatic life and a vast ocean to explore, it would be almost impossible to see everything the waters had to offer. Diving is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and depending on where you decide to go, you might fall in love with the unique life that lines the ocean floor.

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