Ultra-Rare Raf Simons x colette meets x COMME des GARÇONS x Vans Slip-Ons

 photo rare-raf-simons-colette-meets-comme-des-garcons-vans-11_zpsxszf3gws.png

Wants the most rarely finds you could have for your fashion? if so, why not then having these awesomely made slip-on shoes that are made by the high-end brands these days which they’d called Ultra-Rare Raf Simons x colette meets x COMME des GARÇONS x Vans Slip-Ons. Yes! as you can see 4 brands are collaborating with this one piece and I must say this is a truly a masterpiece and I know too, that most of you dope guys are dying yourself just to have one of this as it was an limited edition that these 4 brands had cooked for us this season.
 photo rare-raf-simons-colette-meets-comme-des-garcons-vans-2_zpsadhv71rw.jpg

I really pleased to the designs and how they came up on collaborating because on the usual scenario only 2 brands evolves are in one collaborative pieces not just 3 or 4 like this one and I think this was the only pieces over the industry that hits the record for the collaborative pieces. That’s why no doubt why mostly of the people are eyeing with this shoes already.

About the price? well, as expected it has a great price in it which can make you stress out as you learn..hha Yes! because it’s really beyond our budget for a single slip-on for like this one, imagine it does cost 1,500USD for this babies? oh! life really so unfair!

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