Travelling Australia: How To Ensure You Don’t Miss Anything In Perth

Whether you’re visiting Australia for a two-week vacation or as part of a longer trip, there are some amazing sights that you don’t want to miss. One place that is most probably on your list of must-see places is Perth, the capital of Western Australia. While you know you want to see and explore this interesting city, what you probably don’t know is what exactly it is that you want to see and do.

There’s a lot on offer in Perth, which means that it’s far too easy to miss the good stuff. To ensure that while you’re visiting this unique city, you don’t miss anything worth seeing, there are a few simple things you can do.


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Research like mad beforehand

The first thing you need to do is lots of research. The internet is an amazing resource when it comes to travel, so make sure to take advantage of it. Spend some time Googling all the best things to do in Perth and write a list of everything that comes up. Put a star next to the things that you’re desperate to try or that sound best, so that you don’t forget which the important things are.

Ask friends and family for advice

Do you know anyone who’s been to Perth before? If so, ask them where they would recommend going – they’re sure to know of lots of fantastic places. Don’t just ask about all the best sights and attractions, ask them where’s best to eat and drink. You could also ask which beaches they liked and if there are any natural areas that they would recommend exploring. Any recommendations you’re given, make sure to write down.

Create an itinerary

Go through the list of places you have from your research and asking friends and family and create an itinerary. You may want to spend your time away going with the flow but it’s important to have a plan in place, else you’ll end up missing something out. You can always edit you itinerary once you arrive, it’s just important to have a basic plan in place to follow. For each day that you’re away, create a basic plan.

Ask around once you arrive

Once you arrive in Perth, start asking around for recommendations of the best places to see and go. Ask your accommodation provider what they would recommend, as well as if they’re offering any excursions. You could also ask other travellers where they plan on going or where they’ve already been. You never know, you may find out about somewhere amazing. To find all the best places to drink and dine, ask the locals for recommendations. If anyone is going to know where serves the best food, it’s the local people.

With so much to see and do on offer, planning a trip to Perth can be a little overwhelming. Take the above tips on board and do plenty of planning, and you can ensure that you don’t miss out any of the best sights and attractions.

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