Top Tips On How To Become An Amazing Secret Santa


Secret Santa is a wonderful way of spreading some festive cheer and can save you a few pennies. It’s a common tradition in workplaces but is also becoming popular amongst large friendship groups and families. It allows everyone to get a gift and spreads the Christmas spirit throughout the office or your family home. At your workplace, in particular, you want your gift to be a success. But if you don’t know the person very well it can be difficult to find them something they will appreciate. Here are some top tips to help you become the best secret Santa and make you an instant office hit.

Stick to the rules

This is an important one. If there is a limit on how much you are allowed to spend on your secret Santa, always stick to it. Yes, you can go over it by 20p here and there, but don’t go overboard. You may see a lavish gift that would be perfect for the person you have been given but always remember the set budget. You don’t want to appear as though you are trying to outdo your work mates. It’s not a competition, but people will be put off if you ignore the rules. If you want to buy someone something in addition to their secret Santa, do it. But give it to them another time when there aren’t so many spectators.

Be Creative

It can be easy to buy your recipient a Christmas chocolate selection box for their gift, but this lacks in imagination. It can come across that you’ve rushed your shopping and bought it last minute too. You want to show that you care so start thinking more creatively. Think about what this person is interested in or if they have mentioned something they need. If you don’t know this person well, ask your other colleagues or your boss for help. Also don’t stick to the high-street as it is likely that is where your colleagues will go for their secret Santa gifts. Check out vintage shops or go online and search for unique present ideas for men or women. This should give you some more unusual choices to choose from and help you stay within budget.



Don’t stick to a Christmas theme

The temptation to have your gift be Christmas themed will be overwhelming. But this can often lead to a gift that is a novelty for a day or two but gets stuck in a drawer not long after. Gifts such as a reindeer jumper can only be appropriately worn in December. So your recipient will have no use for it during the rest of the year. They are fun at the time but a waste of money when it comes to versatility. Why not accompany your secret Santa gift some something festive like a small mulled wine set or some homemade mince pies? You can get some great stocking fillers for next to nothing.That way you can get them a useful gift that will love and still incorporate Christmas into it.

With these tips, you’ll be the best secret Santa at work or at home. I guarantee everyone will be keeping their fingers crossed that you’re their Secret Santa next year!

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