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Printable coupons are a widely used tool in marketing various goods and services offered in-store. Retailers like to issue coupons because it gets them many benefits. It attracts more customers to their stores, and usually offer discounts to offers which are tailored to attract the consumer spend more time in the store. Managers know that even in days when Internet is the most dominant channel of buying various goods, it’s still better to have their consumers in their stores, because it makes consumers better exposed to all other goods or services which can be found there. So the main principle of it – make consumers spend more by buying goods which are not part of the deal.

For example, it can be a fast food chain which offers burgers for $1.20, fries for the same money and soda for $1. They will usually issue a coupon which enables you to get a combo meal of a burger and fries for $2 instead of $2.40. What they expect from you is to order a cup of soda. They know that you will most likely be very thirsty when you eat so you won’t resist it. . Thus, you should spend $3 for all three instead of $3.40.Many will also like to get a dessert, so in the end the bill will make the merchant happier than the consumer. However, one is NOT OBLIGED to order anything that’s not included in the coupon deal.

Another thing to watch out are fake coupons. Fake coupons contain invalid coupon codes, and will not be rejected during checkout, which can be frustrating and embarrassing and make you spend more time and money in the store. To avoid this situation, you should only pick coupons from trusted websites, and have realistic expectations. Today there are lots of websites offering printable coupons, and not all can be trusted. While it’s normal to have a coupon carrying 30% or 50% discount on something, coupons saying “Buy one, get three more for free” or “Order a burger and have a whole combo meal” seem really foolish. Fake coupons often don’t feature any expiry date, since their aim is to attract and delude as more people, and it’s a major thing that tell them from real deals. Anyway, even if a coupon seems realistic, when you enter a store prompt the information desk with the coupon to make sure it’s accepted. If they say no, demand talk with a store manager, they would always need to know if something like that happens, and they can give you advice on getting real discount deals.
Also you should look for double coupons. Some coupons carry double value of the discount offered even if that fact is not stated on them. You should follow the store’s website to see under which conditions a coupon has its discount power doubled.

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