The Perfect Proposal

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Whether they’ve been dreaming of this moment from the day they met her, or the decision’s struck them somewhat out of the blue, most men will hit a point where they finally feel ready to pop the question. Though they only have to say four little words, finding the right way to propose can be extremely hard for guys. If you’re a guy struggling to get a plan together, or you’re just interested to hear our take, here are some universal pointers for the perfect proposal.

A Location That’s Sentimental for the Couple

A lot of guys choose to propose during some extravagant, surprise date, taking their soon-to-be-fiancé somewhere famous and expensive. We see the logic here boys, but in many cases, these kinds of locations are much better for anniversaries rather than the start of the next chapter in your relationship. It’s much better to pop the question somewhere that has a lot of sentimental value for both of you, rather than simply somewhere that’s going to impress her. It might be the rooftop bar where you had your first kiss, the park where you met, the spot where you first said “I love you”. Guys may have a heart-melting speech prepared and a beautiful engagement ring to go with it, but if they don’t get the location right, everything else will lose some of its impact.

A Little Planning in Advance


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Traditionally, it’s been the woman’s job to plan all the details of the wedding, and most of our readership will agree that the big decisions should still rest with the bride-to-be. However, it will mean a lot to her if her future husband takes some initiative, and does at least a little brainstorming long before he gets down on one knee. The day he pops the question might feel like the happiest day of a woman’s life, but the magic will quickly fade as she starts to realise a good wedding is outside the couple’s budget for the next few years. Whether it’s researching venues or comparing companies like Barlens wedding supplies, every future groom can help themselves by doing a little practical planning.

Sharing the Moment

Hopefully, most men already know how important it is to a woman for her partner to get along with her family and friends. Even if her dad still can’t smile at him and her best friend hasn’t grown out of that shrill, nasal laugh, making her friends and family a part of the moment will mean the world to her. They can be right there with the couple, at some kind of big meal or other gathering. Alternatively, guys may want to have them just out of sight, or looking on from a suitable vantage point. After he pops the question and she says “yes”, he can wave everyone in for a big group hug, possibly some tears of joy, and definitely a lot of questions. This will allow the couple to have that all-important moment alone, and immediately share their happiness with the people who mean the most to her.

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