The Perfect Motorcycle Clothing

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Riding a motorcycle may look easy but in reality it’s not because it entails a lot of responsibility to do so. One must observe safety measures diligently. You can enhance your safety by doing everything possible to avoid an accident or by making sure that the damage, in case of an accident, is as minimal as possible. Another way is to wear riding gear such as helmets, gloves, knee or elbow protectors, and leather suits. But don’t just wear any ordinary riding clothing. It must fit perfectly. Furthermore, the clothing you wear should protect you from sliding and against any impact.

Motorcycle clothing should protect you when sliding over the surface of the road. Much heat will be produced that’s why you should buy clothing that can withstand it. Quality leather is the first choice but the minimal thickness should be 1.2 mm thick and should be double-stitched. The second choice is Kevlar but it should be woven into other materials. Third choice would be Condura which most synthetic suits are made of. Besides protection when sliding, you should also have protection against the impact of a collision. The impact can be distributed over a bigger area, or the impact can be absorbed.


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