The Perfect Gift For Big Brothers

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Buying for brothers is never easy. They keep their ever changing interests close to their chest and are difficult to pin down to any one hobby. So today we are sharing our top list of the perfect gifts for brothers who have a birthday coming up.

Sporty Boys

For brothers who are into sports there is always ample opportunities to buy the perfect gift. Soccer fans love nothing more than a ticket to an important match, or even better, a season ticket to watch their favourite team.

Baseball fans also love to attend as many games as possible so game tickets, again could be a great idea. For something a little bit different, why not make your brother smile with a custom baseball bobblehead of their favourite player, or even of themselves with their favourite player.

F1 and car racing fans can be treated to tickets to much anticipated races, or if the ticket is too expensive as they can sometimes be, why not research the pubs that will be showing it and surprise your brother by taking him there to watch the race with a slap up lunch and a couple of beers thrown in.

For brothers who actively participate in a sport it’s always a good idea to buy them an item of sports clothing that they can wear in their chosen sport. Whether it is skateboarding, swimming or soccer, the sport is neither here nor there, what is important is that you think about the specific equipment surrounding the sport they are interested in and you treat them to something that you know they will get good use out of and enjoy.

Working Boys

For brothers with high paced and busy jobs think of ways that you can treat them to a little light relaxation and downtime. Perhaps you can organise a boys trip away camping to enjoy the great outdoors, do a spot of fishing and enjoy a couple of night cooking dinner around a bonfire. Or perhaps your brother has been complaining that he never has enough time to get involved in a certain activity, so perhaps it’s time that you pushed him in the right direction. Perhaps a free month at that new boxing gym could be just the gift that your brother needs to finally get him involved in that area of interest he’s been wanting to try for a while.

Maybe your brother takes a great pride in his appearance and enjoys looking smart and sharp in his daily working life. Therefore buying him an item or two of new smart work threads could be a great idea to add to your brothers beloved shirt and tie closet. Or perhaps he secretly likes a good pampering, in which case why not book him in for a good strong massage or even a revitalising facial. Spas, massages and facials aren’t just for women, you know!

Coffee table books area also a great idea for brothers who work in a very specialised industry. Finding a really awesome hard-back coffee table book in their area of work could really show your brother that you’ve put a lot of thought into the perfect gift for him.

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