The A To Z Of Awesome Bachelorettes


Forget about the wedding day; for most brides, it’s all about the big bachelorette party!

When it comes to the bachelorette, it’s all up to the bridesmaids. They are in charge of everything, from the venue to the entertainment. So, if you are going to be a bridesmaid this summer, now is the time to start thinking about the bachelorette. Here’s my handy A to Z to make sure you don’t forget anything!

jerry from the bachelorette!

A – Alcohol! That’s very important!

B – Bride. You need to make sure that the bride will be free on the date you plan the party. Otherwise, she won’t be happy at all!

C – Clothes. Fancy dress? Standard night out? The party you decide will affect what everyone wears. If guests need to come in a costume, give them plenty of time to get something sorted.

D – Daytime? Lots of bridesmaids now plan daytime bachelorettes for a very sophisticated event!

E – Evening? If you decide to go for an evening event, you might want to plan a night out on the town, have a fancy dinner in a posh restaurant, or see a show. There is lots to choose from!

F – Friends. The bride to be will love having all her good friends around her on her bachelorette. Make sure you send out all the invites out in plenty of time so that everyone knows to save the date. If you aren’t exactly sure who to invite or need people’s addresses, you should speak to the mother of the bride.

G – Glitter. Girls love glitter, so there is no wonder that lots of bachelorettes feature lots of glitter! Think about getting some glitter makeup and confetti so that all the girls can get very glamorous!

H – Happy! Has everyone got their smiles on?!

I – Invitations. Do you want to buy some or make your own?

J – Jokes. Some bridesmaids like to play jokes on the bride through the bachelorette. These could be practical jokes, so get planning some if you want to incorporate them in the night.

K – Kodak. It can end up a very messy party, so don’t take any expensive camera equipment. Instead, think about getting some disposable cameras to capture the night with. These are cheap, so it won’t matter if they get damaged.

L – Long Drinks. Some bars let bachelorettes mix their own cocktails! You can keep things cheaper by making your own at home:

M – Mother of the bride. The mother of the bride needs an invite too; don’t forget her!

N – Nibbles. These will help you soak up the alcohol.

O – Oops! Don’t have any oops moments by not drinking too much.

P – Photos. Get ready for lots of selfies!

Q – Queue. Beat the queue at clubs by booking in advance.

R – Restaurant. You’ll all need some food at some point – how about a nice dinner out?

S – Strippers. Why not book a show like Or get the strippers to come to you, instead.

T – Transport. How are you going to all get to the venue?

U – Updates. Tage everyone on social media to show off what a great time you’re having!

V – Venue. Your home will be cheap, but booking a venue will be a memorable night.

W – Water. For those who drink a bit too much!

X – X. Nope; I’ve got nothing for X…

Y – Yes? Make sure everyone RSVPs to your invitation.

Z – Zzzz… Time to sleep off all that alcohol!

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