Smile! How To Ensure You’re Camera-Ready On Your Big Day

On your wedding day, you want to look and feel spectacular. In years to come, you want to be able to look through photographs and think that you scrubbed up pretty well. If you’re planning your big day, putting your bridal look together is probably your main concern. Here are some handy hints to make sure you’re camera-ready and raring to go on your wedding day.

Dress fittings

Your dress should steal the show on your big day, and it’s always wise to book a few fittings close to the day. When you order a dress, you’ve probably only tried samples on, and this could have been months, even years ago. Closer to the wedding, organize a couple of fittings so that you can check that the dress fits like a glove, and you have time for any final alterations if they’re needed.

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Makeup and hair trials

Most brides have an idea of what they would like to look like on their wedding day, but it’s always a good idea to book some trials. Even if you think you know what hairstyle you want, you may try it out and not be crazy about it. Organize a trip to the salon, and try some different styles. Take some photographs with you of looks you like, and see how you feel.

Apply the same rules to your makeup trial. Go for varied looks, and see which you prefer. Some brides prefer a natural look while others like to make more of a statement. If you like a bit of both, you could opt for a barely-there look in the day and then add more drama for the reception. If you’re doing your own makeup, take a trip to a department store, and try some products. Ask for assistance and recommendations, as you’ll probably choose products that are slightly different to what you normally go for. You’ll need long-wear foundation, for example, and you’ll have to bear photography in mind. If you wear a lot of highlighter, for example, this can make parts of your face look very white and bright on camera.

Flawless in Wedding Photos: Makeup Artist Reveals 9 Tips for Great Bridal Makeup

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Test shots

What you look like in real life and what you look like on camera are two different things. Most of us aren’t used to having our picture taken over a period of 10 hours, so it’s really useful to book some tests shots with your photographer. Many couples choose to have an engagement shoot, and this is a great way of getting used to the camera, finding out which angles compliment you, and increasing your confidence in front of the lens. Have a good look at the shots, and use them to learn about working your face and your body. It’s amazing how different you can look from one shot to the next, and if you know what you’re looking for, this will help you to feel more confident and relaxed on the day.

Engagement Shoot Outtakes

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Every bride wants to shine on their wedding day. When your album sails through the mailbox, you want to look through the images with a beaming grin on your face. Hopefully, these tips will ensure that you’re the star of the show on your special day and you have amazing snaps to treasure forever.

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