Rekindle The Romance

Having someone that is in your life as a partner is a really wonderful thing. But relationships aren’t always easy. Especially when you have a jam-packed life full other responsibilities and stresses. That is why it important from time to time to do some thing that helps you rekindle the romance. Read on to find out more.

Weekend away

A popular way of rekindling the romance is to arrange a weekend away for you and your loved one. This could be to somewhere local, or at one of the larger cities near where your live. If you are really pushing the boat out you could go to a further flung location like Paris, Venice, or New York.

But whichever you pick, ensure that when you get there, everything is about your partner. Book the accommodation with them in mind. Choose things to do and places to eat that you know what they will love, and make sure that you set aside some time to just be in each other’s company while you’re there.


If going away for a weekend sounds a bit much right now, as you are too busy, or don’t have the funds, all is not lost. Instead, why not plan a romantic dinner for two? You could pick a new and glamorous restaurants and get all dressed up.

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Or you may impress your other half more by making them their favorite home cooked meal, just they way they like it.

Dance classes

Another great activity for rekindling the romance in a partnership is to enroll in the many dance classes that are available. There is nothing more romantic than moving your bodies together after all. But it’s not all about that. It also gives you a regular time to spend together each week and dedicate to one another.

In addition, learning something new as a couple can help you improve your communication skills as well. So it really is a worthwhile thing to do.

Surprise dates

Something that can really work like a charm if your relationship is missing that spark is planning a surprise date for your other half. It doesn’t even have to be something traditionally thought of as romantic.

For example, you might choose to go clay pigeon shooting because you know that is something that they have always wanted to try. Or wine tasting, or cheese making? The lists of thing you can do in endless!

But the real keys to choose something that you know will be meaningful and enjoyable for them and then experience it with them. This then brings the two of your closer together through this positive experience.

Small gestures

Lastly, you can also help rekindle the spark by making small gestures. This could be by doing something as simple as leaving a note for your other half on the bathroom mirror. Or if could be sending them a care package if they are away for a long time.

What this does is show them that you are thinking about them and that you are important to them. So they will feel valued, and this feeling will help to fuel the relationship.


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