Rebranding + New Blog Theme

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Things got no easy for me this past few days ago. Because Google made a move by placing this site into their spam section which I didn’t expect at all. This blog is formerly names as ” the Menswear and Lifestyle blog”  same as to my other site, though I admit that they were all the same to the blog title as well quite bit comparison on the contents and blog theme, but I really dont intent to make it that way since am working out my butt off to my too. Really! this is frustrating and I dont even know on how I may pleased google now to get this blog,, gone back up over the search engine. I think, rebanding is the best way to do but I am still quite hesitant that this matter will works out. but anyway, let me try it out and might Google will reconsider the blog again.

I’ve also decided to change my blog theme into this neat minimalist theme from etsy. Yes! Ive purchased it for about 25$ and I must say, for 25 usd this theme is quite reasonable than to the other available wp themes today online. Plus, I simply like the fonts uses to this theme it makes all the content readable and its appealing to the eyes. Alright, that is all for now and I’ll make you updated once google responses already on my reconsider request. Thanks and please do check back often for more fashion news and updates that may surely gets your interests.

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