Preparing for a Newborn Photo Session

It’s important to get images of those precious first few weeks, and there’s no better way than doing a professional photo shoot. However, newborns can be unpredictable and that can be overwhelming. The last thing you want is to turn up at a photography studio and have your baby cry through the whole session. Being as prepared as you can possibly be will ensure that everyone, including baby, is comfortable and you get the best pictures from your shoot. So, how do you prepare?



Book in Advance

Photography sessions for babies and children get booked up pretty quickly. Most photographers recommend booking your session while you’re still pregnant. They’ll be aware that dates may change because babies arrive when they want to, but it’s important to get your session in when your baby is around 2 weeks old. This is because babies tend to more pliable at that age. You can almost roll them up into a ball and they’ll still be comfortable.

Decide Who Attends

You may find that all the family want to take part in your baby’s photo session, especially if it’s your first child. You may have to reign everyone in and make it clear who you want there and who will have to wait for another opportunity. Your photographer may have set time slots, so you might want to consider making it just you, Dad and baby.

Feed Your Baby Beforehand

Feeding your baby 30 minutes to an hour beforehand will ensure your baby is comfortable. A full belly usually means a baby will sleep through the photography session. You also won’t have to worry about dirty nappies or sick because your baby should have already done all that after being fed. Of course, there are always accidents but there’s no need to worry. There’s nothing your photographer won’t have already seen before.

Baby Clothes


Pick Outfits

You may want to bring a choice of outfits to your studio session with you. You may not need them all, but it’s better to have a choice in case baby has an accident while the camera is clicking. If you’re going for a particular theme, you could also buy your own props for the shoot. Who knows, the photographer may want to buy them from you afterwards.

Bring Things with Meaning

Perhaps your baby has a blanket that your late grandmother knitted that you’d like included in the photographs. Or maybe you’d like one picture of the baby with the family pet. Discuss your ideas with your photographer and he/she will be able to tell you what will work and what won’t.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Time Out

If your baby becomes fussy, don’t worry. It’s a strange environment and there are new sounds and people around. It may just be that your baby needs a little comforting or has become hungry. It’s okay to take time out of the photoshoot to relax your baby into sleep again. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about when a baby cries and your photographer will certainly be used it.

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