Planning A Honeymoon? Luxury Additions You Will Want To Add

Planning a wedding can be tricky. However, once you have worked through your checklist, your focus could be shifted onto after the event. A honeymoon is normally what a couple would take after their wedding. Jetting off somewhere lovely and relaxing to rejuvenate from the busy wedding and to spend some quality time together. Every couple strives to have the best possible honeymoon. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the luxury additions you can add on to your honeymoon to make it extra special.

Upgrading the way you travel

Travelling to your destination is half the excitement, so you may want to consider upgrading the way you travel. You could choose to upgrade your legroom options, travel first class or even go all out and consider Private Air Charters. It’s half the fun, and you want to ensure that you have the best start to your honeymoon. You may also want to consider lounges at the airports and even fast track through security to ensure your honeymoon gets off to a flying start.

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Champagne on arrival

Essentially the whole honeymoon should be filled with cocktails and champagne. But there is something luxurious about having a glass offered to you on arrival. Or even asking for a bottle to be chilled in your accommodation upon your arrival. Some accommodations and hotels will do this sort of thing as standard, especially if they are aware it is your honeymoon. Make sure you inform staff of this in advance.

Luxurious accommodation

Try and consider your accommodation as doing something totally different. Perhaps thinking about villas instead of a hotel. Or even staying in a suite to make things unique. Your honeymoon should be one of the best vacations you ever take, so choose your accommodation wisely. Many couples consider things like over the water villas in destinations like The Maldives.

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Private dining experiences

On your honeymoon, you want to have every opportunity to spend quality time together alone. So a private dining experience could be the perfect opportunity. Some destinations enable you to dine on the beach under the stars. While other hotels or similar may offer in room dining or have separate rooms for it in the restaurant. Often these can be booked in advance.

Couples only areas

Some couples choose to bring their children with them when they go on a honeymoon. Of course, this is appropriate if you started a family before getting married. However, for some newlyweds you just want the option of relaxing amongst adults and not have the worry of children. So consider locations or accommodation that offer couples only areas. Some places may even have a certain part just for couples to enjoy more luxurious surroundings and service.

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Spa treatments you both can enjoy

Finally, the key to a great honeymoon is to relax with one another. So a lovely way to do that would be to book in some couples treatments. This may include things like massages or facials. It’s a great chance to unwind after the busy period for the wedding.

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