Never Forget; Make Sure Your Wedding Memories Last Forever


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We all think that the memories of our wedding will last forever. They’ll be just as clear as and rosy ten years later as the day we said I do. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. The romance fades and what you’re left with is a relationship without the memory of how it used to be. Don’t make that mistake and instead ensure that your wedding day is always alive and well in your heart and mind.

It All Starts With The Proposal

If you think about your wedding for a moment, you’ll realise that it actually begins when your true love proposes. He’ll get down on one knee and all of a sudden a brand new part of your life has begun. It’s the turning point, the next chapter and you want to remember that moment, the beginning. Well, you can as long as you make sure that when you do propose, you’ve hired a photographer to capture the moment. People often don’t consider the possibility of hiring a photographer for the proposal. It’s quite difficult to arrange but not impossible. For instance, you can propose at a restaurant and hire a photographer to sit at the next table. Once you start proposing, they’ll be ready to take some photos that will last forever.

Personalise The Rings

You might know that when you get mad at your partner after marriage, sometimes you take off your wedding ring. You do this as a symbol that you have lost faith in the marriage or the vows that you exchanged during the ceremony. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that ring held a memory of why you were married? Well, it can because you can get an engraving on the inside. This engraving can say absolutely anything. Although we suggest that you think of a special message that means something to both of you. Then, even when anger seems to win, you’ll look back and remember all that is right.

Photography On The Day

Of course, if you want to remember your wedding day you need the best photographer right there. He or she will then be able to take perfect snaps of moments in time. You’ll be able to have a shot to hold of you saying I do, walking down the aisle and being whisked away for your honeymoon. If you look at a company like Brightmoon, you can make sure a professional photographer is a special guest at your wedding.

Make A Digital Scrapbook

When you have all the photos of your proposal and the wedding, you can put it in a digital scrap book. This is the modern way of preserving those special memories. A digital scrapbook can be sent wirelessly to virtual photo frames. By doing this, you can play your photos in a slideshow in different areas of your home. That way, you’ll always remember the special day, even after you’ve been married for years.

We hope you enjoy using some of these possibilities to make memories of your wedding that you’ll never forget.

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