Making Your Wedding Day Totally Photo Ready!


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There will be a lot that you want for your wedding day. You’ll want it to be a happy day, and one filled with laughter and smiles. You’ll also want for all of your guests to enjoy themselves, and make special memories to last a lifetime.

However, you will also want a tangible way of keeping hold of these special times. That’s why you’ll probably having made hiring the perfect photographer a priority.

Consider this, though. There are things you can do to help your photographer out in advance of the big day. We’re talking about making everything totally photo ready, of course. From your outfit to the reception room, there are lots of things you can do. Let’s take a look at a few of them!

The little details are so important on the wedding day. Things like your venue and dress need a lot of thought, of course. But even the tiny finishing touches can make a big difference! So, don’t feel like you’re being silly, or a Bridezilla if you focus on them. Even things like your napkins can ruin or make a perfect table centre!

That being said, don’t go so tiny with details that the photographer can’t pick them up without massively zooming in. So, let’s say you want to buy each of your bridesmaids a necklace with their name on? Go ahead, but make sure the words itself isn’t impossible to read unless very close up! After all, a photograph focusing on each letter will make a gorgeous pic of you and your special girls!

Another great way to make your wedding perfect for pictures is to give each guest something personalised. This gives them something they’re sure to want to take an Instagram pic with. How about making a table plan using a funny photograph of each guest. You could print them as Polaroid style pics, and write their name along the bottom.

Table Polaroids

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Or, how about picking up a load of scrabble letters, and writing your guests names out with them? You could use these as place settings! Or, how about doubling up your gift for your guest as their place setting? You could give each guest a candle with their name on, or a mason jar. They could even use their mason jar as their drink holder for the day!

On the topic of Instagram, how about making the images that your guests take and post here even more special. Did you know that you can get personalised snapchat filters for weddings?! Getting one for you and your guests consists of a couple of steps. First up, design a filter that you feel represents you as a couple. So, this might be one that features your names and the date of the wedding. You could even add in a nearby skyline or landmark, or have your font written in the colour scheme! Next, you just need to set up what is called a ‘geofence.’. So, when your guests are within the parameters that you set, they can use the filter. Don’t forget to add all of your guests on Snapchat before the big day, so you can see what they post! You could even make a special album, or printed canvas, or the best images taken with the filter after the wedding!

Of course, if there is one thing you will want to look particularly flawless, it’s your bridal makeup. One of the primary reasons for hiring a makeup artist, rather than doing it yourself, is because they will know about photogenic makeup! A foundation and powder combo that will stop you from getting shiny and oily early in the day is a must. Pairing this with a decent primer can help. Also, give lots of though to light, as used the right way it can be your best friend! Be sure your MUA highlights your nose, cheekbones and brow bones. When it comes to your lips, glossy ones will reflect the light and make them really pop. It is worth noting, though, to not allow your MUA to go overboard. You want to look back on your professional pics and social media pics and recognise yourself!

Polaroid: Bride

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A final note. There is a good chance that there will be some less photogenic parts of your venue. If you’re having a gorgeous marquee wedding, for example, there may have to be some ugly portaloos lurking in the background! Don’t worry about these things, just be aware of them. Take photographs against backgrounds like brick walls or trees instead!

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