Let’s Talk Dating After An Absence From The Game

There’s nothing quite like a lasting and happy relationship. But even after decades of being in love, life has a tendency to throw curveballs towards our direction. Whether you’ve outlived a partner or gone through a divorce doesn’t matter. Those situations will always bring an extended period of pain. However, there will eventually come a time where you feel ready to get back on the horse. The fact you’ve opened this blog post suggests that this time has already arrived.

It’s not uncommon to feel a little guilt during this period of your life, especially if you are a widower. While that previous love will never leave your heart, you cannot afford to let the past stand in your way of a happy future. Therefore, finding that inner peace is essential. Until you do, the dating arena should be considered out-of-bounds. After all, it’s not fair on you or your future love interests.


Another crucial step to preparing yourself for the dating rituals ahead is to love yourself. This could mean investing in a new healthy lifestyle, rediscovering a passion for fashion, or following other life goals. Either way, unlocking that personal happiness is key to regaining your confidence. Moreover, it’ll ensure you cast the most attractive figure.

The dating game has changed massively while you were away. Nowadays, millions of people prefer to meet potential partners online. The important thing here is to appreciate your demographic. Signing up to a mature dating site could open up a wealth of opportunities that simply wouldn’t exist in other areas. It might not be a perfect route to finding love, but it is infinitely better than speed dating and similar ideas.

That’s not to say you can’t still find love during your daily activities. Romance can blossom in the most unexpected situations, so you should always be open to those possibilities. Nonetheless, investing in a strong online profile is essential. As with traditional dating, potential dates will form an initial judgement within a matter of seconds. If your pictures and biography give them a reason to ring the alarm bells, you could lose your hopes of securing a date before you’ve even started.


Stepping back into the world of flirting is one thing. However, meeting someone for an official date can be daunting. This is especially true when it’s the first one in years. Try to keep it relaxed and fun. Meanwhile, there’s nothing wrong with taking things slowly throughout those exchanges. As things start to get more serious, though, it’s important to consider contraception methods. Even when you’re older, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Perhaps the most important step for success in the new dating challenge is to avoid comparing it to your previous relationship. You’ll never replace that old love. Learn to enjoy the new love on its own merits, and it will become far more rewarding. Frankly, that sense of happiness is the least you deserve.

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