It’s Your Bachelor Party? Ways To Have A Memorable Time

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Anyone who has attended a bachelor party or ‘stag do’ to celebrate their friend getting married is familiar with out of hand they can get. There’s no reason to go overboard in your pursuit of fun however, as there’s absolutely a way to balance responsibility and fun. That sentence alone might exclude us from being invited to any of your events, but the following list will help us gain some respect from the wildest of you. Follow this list of the best ways to enjoy that bachelor party, and have a responsible, memorable and ultimately celebratory time before the married, family life becomes a pinnacle of your day to day functioning.


Taking a hunting holiday can be a brilliant way to get into nature and reflect on the upcoming life you’re about to live. It’s also a great way to feel like old-school gentlemen. You needn’t worry about the morality of hunting, as many areas of America have state-mandated hunting quotas to keep certain populations of Elk in check, so you’re actually doing the natural world a service. This depends on your personal philosophy, of course, so only do it if you feel comfortable. In any case, it’s a fantastic opportunity to stock up in a comfortable log cabin, drink scotch and respect the art of tracking and hunting in a fantastic, memorable weekend away.


Playing a few hands of poker in a casino, a personal space, or online can help you bond with the people attending your bachelor party, and can be a great way to unwind with a few beers before the real event begins. It can also help you earn money for your wedding responsibilities if you can bluff and know how to play a great hand. It’s true, nothing quite brings people together like a solid, honest game of poker.


Much like a hunting holiday, a golfing getaway might be just the ticket you need to unwind in a patient, reflecting sporting experience. No matter your skill level, you can make the most of this by attending introductory courses and putting in a few hours at the driving range. It can be a great, healthy way to encourage gentle competition between the men in your sortie, as well as a subtle way to impress your new brother-in-law with your driving strength. Maybe a few rounds at the gym would help beforehand for this, though.

Road Trip

A long road trip for a week or so can be a great way to celebrate the majesty of a journey, the ultimate metaphor for the journey of marriage you’re about to embark on. This is a great way to bond with the guys who attend, as traveling a distance of miles in a car makes for the best conversations, especially if the music is well selected. Why not attend some of the best landmarks you’d never visit otherwise during this trip? Now is your chance.

A theme of this article is the importance of a getaway or trip. Just getting inhumanly and messily drunk with your bachelor party is fun, and shouldn’t be neglected if you enjoy doing so, it also robs you of a lot of the potential for bonding with your friends and new family. Make the most of this opportunity, it won’t come again.

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