If The Bride Is A Princess, The Groom Must Be A Prince

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We often forget about the groom on the wedding day and even in the days or months leading up to the ceremony. It is often believed, perhaps rightly so, that the bride is the guest of honor. Though it’s certainly true to say that if the groom looks a mess it can throw off the entire style and look of the wedding. When you look through your wedding photos years down the line, you don’t want to cringe at your appearance on one of the most important days of your life. You want everything to be picture perfect.

So, for once, let’s forget about the dress and think about the suit instead. Let’s stop looking at makeup tips and make sure we buy the right shoes. Here are some tips to make sure you look like a prince on your wedding day.

Choose The Right Suit

The first factor we need to think about when making sure you have the perfect style for your wedding is the suit. If you want to look like the type of gentlemen, every girl dreams of saying ‘I do’ too, you need to make sure you have a custom, fitted suit. It should be measured to match your body beautifully, tight and loose in all the right areas. Only a professional bespoke suits designer can ensure that this is the case, so that’s where you need to buy from. Just like the wedding dress, you should never buy a suit off the rack for the big day. You need to make sure that it is custom made to suit you, no pun intended.

Perfectly Matched

You’ll have a few little accessories to choose from when selecting your wedding outfit. These are the tie, the cumberbund, and the cufflinks. Each one should match the other in color and style. As well as this, you may want to think about matching the color with something that the bride is wearing. For instance, your bride may have decided not to wear white on her wedding day. Instead, she could have opted for a beautiful rouge dress. If that’s the case, matching the dress with the shade of the tie will ensure you both look absolutely stunning in your wedding photos.

Preparation Time

Finally, you need to make sure that you are preparing for the big day. Your shoes need to be polished until they shine and your suit must be properly pressed. Don’t leave this until the last minute and don’t try and get the creases out yourself. Instead, take it to a professional dry cleaners and ensure that the suit looks brand new, even if you bought it nearly a year ago.

You might also want to think about getting your haircut and styled a day or two before the big event. That way you can make sure that the groom looks properly groomed when he stands at the front of the aisle, waiting for the love of his life to arrive.

We hope you see now that making sure the groom looks like royalty is just as important as transforming the bride into a princess. At the very least, it will ensure that her dream of the perfect wedding comes true.

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