How To Live Fashionably

Fashion is not just about what you wear on your back. It’s a lifestyle. You have to live it, fully. Every aspect of your life should be calculated to appear fashionable. It might seem like a mammoth task, but there are ways.

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The first thing you need to do is look at where you’re living. The middle of nowhere is not fashionable. Not even in a vintage sense. The log cabin in the wilderness look might be in, but not if there’s nobody around to see you. For maximum fashion, you want maximum exposure.

Where is heavily populated, but also on the bleeding edge of fashion? New York. That’s where. New York is a city that contains all sorts. It’s a mixing pot of people has made it an exciting and eclectic place to be. From the delis to the coffee houses, New York is wall to wall fashion.

So what about your home? Your home is a reflection on you. If it’s not fashionable, neither are you. Home fashion can be a pain to arrange sometimes. Personal fashion is a lot more manageable and small scale. Cut out the middleman with home fashion. Use monthly furnished rentals in NYC for a stylish home with none of the effort.

Once you’ve got a place to set up, and then you can start to think about yourself. Stylish clothes and haircuts are the first places to start, but what if you’re struggling to look good even with them?

Exercise and a good diet will sort you out. It’ll help your complexion. It’ll make your hair shiny and full. It’ll maybe even lose those few extra pounds you’ve been carrying. Looking good isn’t difficult. You just have to take care of yourself.

Once you’re looking well physically, then you can try again with the shoes and hair. Both neat and messy styles are in at the minute. It all depends on how you want to portray yourself. If you’re the bohemian type, grow your hair out or get it cut in a style that will grow out.

If you like it neat but fashionable, you’ll find no end of barbers with the skill to cut it right. If you want something with a little more edge, try shaved sides.

You could even go so far as to shave it all off if you like functionality and have a nicely shaped head. It’s always advised to decorate your face if you have a shaved head though. A pair of glasses or a piercing should suffice.

As for clothes, stay on the edge of trends. Always stay one step ahead of the mainstream. There will be several inspirational people in New York to give you clothing ideas. Pick what you like, and copy that. You’re only as fashionable as those around you.

It might seem shallow to be fashionable, but you have to think about why you do it. Do you do it to impress others or yourself? If being fashionable makes you happy, do it. It’s hard work, but it’ll be worth it.

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