How To Dress For Success In Business

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Giving a good impression in business is an incredibly useful tool. An untidy and messy person is far less likely to be taken seriously regardless of how good a business person they are. Whereas someone who is dressed in professional business attire can give a good initial impression and then follow that up with excellent business acumen. With that in mind, here is how to dress for success in business.


A suit is the best way to represent yourself in a business setting whether you are male or female. For men, they have the traditional suit with a shirt, jacket and trousers. For women, there is a suit dress and jacket, or they can also wear a blouse, jacket and trousers. It is important that each item is properly ironed, pressed and free of dust and creases. Whether you are attending a board meeting, an interview or just a regular day at work, you always want to look your best. This is because it is how you are going to be taken seriously and people will immediately form an opinion of your depending on what you are wearing. You should also have several suits and not wear the same one all the time.


Everyone needs a bag at some point while they are working. Whether you are going to to a meeting to talk about your working capital PayPal or taking documents home to work on, you need a bag. This needs to be professional and match the rest of your business attire. A briefcase is a good choice, but it can be ugly and boring. If you want something more interesting, then stick with solid dark color, and make sure that it has enough compartments for paperwork. Using a laptop bag is also a good idea in case you need to carry around a laptop to work on. Just make sure that you aren’t bringing something that doesn’t fit in with the work setting. You will also want to regularly organize and clean out your bag to get rid of old paperwork and make sure that it is kept tidy for when you need to go through it in a hurry.


The final, but equally important, thing to remember is shoes. For men this is simple. They wear black or dark smart shoes, and they are fine. They will only need a few pairs and can match them to the suit they plan to wear each day. For women, it is a little harder. There is an expectation that women will wear heels to work every day. This can be uncomfortable, so make sure that you pick shoes that you like to wear. It is also worth bringing some trainers to wear during lunch breaks or for the journey home. At the very least you might want to take them off every now and again to give your feet a rest. Wearing heels each and every day can cause massive strain on your feet, so watch out for that. Make sure that they are either black or another dark color and that they match your clothes for that day.

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