Gift Ideas for the College Graduate


Once a person graduates from college, they are now ready to start their career and take charge of their life. When a recent graduate is about to enter this new phase, they will need some help and assistance from the people who surround and support them as they get on their feet.

Financial Help

Money is the most obvious thing that a recent college grad may need. Why? They are just starting off in life. This means that they will need to purchase a lot of items for their new adult life that they had previously not needed as a student. Deposits on new apartments or perhaps even on the purchase of a new home, buying a car or public transport pass to get back and forth to work, plus new professional clothes and furniture and all the items that you need to be an “adult” are now on their agenda to purchase.

Transportation Passes & Gas Money Cards

Until they are established with a few paychecks, getting back and forth to work will be an expense that the graduate must cover. Buying them a prepaid transportation card for the subway or bus is going to be appreciated. If they are driving in their new (or used) car, having to keep the tank full is a new responsibility that they will be taking on. Giving the prepaid gas card is one way of ensuring that any financial help you want to provide goes to the right thing to help them to be successful.

Gift Cards

Gift cards that are for a particular store or just a generic Visa or MasterCard would be welcome by a graduate whatever their situation may be. If they are furnishing a new home, need fuel for their commute, or simply need to get a cup of coffee on the way to work, this type of gift card is going to be a perfect fit to meet those random needs. It also is going to serve them well should any type of emergency situation arise. While new college grads should be careful about controlling their debt, getting a credit or debit card should not be a

Garment Steamer

Depending on what type of job they have, a garment steamer is going to save the new graduate a great deal of money on dry cleaning bills. They also can easily prep for the week ahead by using a garment rack with their steamer to lay out their clothes for each day and steam them all at once. Less cumbersome than ironing, the best garment steamer is going to be an appreciated gift by the young professional for both financial savings and less time spent getting ready each day.

Household Items

While on the more expensive end of gift giving, beds, couches, chairs, tables and a computer desk all make great items for a recent grad’s home. They might be something you would want to go in on with a group of people to purchase. If they are not inclined to decorate with items other than posters from their favorite college band, you could consider providing some “grown up” options for décor like candleholders and artwork. Other items such as dishes and a microwave will be extremely useful as well as appreciated. Unless a new graduate is getting married and would have a reason for a registry, they will likely need everything that one requires to setup a new home. From dishes to utensils to a table to eat on, nothing would be unappreciated. Perhaps if the cost of new items is not something that is in your budget, you could help them to refinish or refurbish pieces that they find second hand. If you are handy yourself, consider finding and renovating the item all on your own as a surprise


A laptop is a good suggestion for helping to keep up with bills and to stay in touch with family, especially if they have had to move away for their first job. If they are working actively to find a new job, they will appreciate the mobility that a laptop can provide. Allowing them to work from a coffeeshop and not their bedroom at mom and dad’s house will be much appreciated.

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