Get Your Thrills with These Activity Ideas

Perhaps you, like many people, are sat in an office for what seems like the majority of your time. You know that there’s an urge somewhere inside you to do something really thrilling when you next get time off. A luxurious holiday won’t cut it – you need something more. We’re going to take a look at some of the most exciting hobbies and vacation activities around. So if you like your activities to take place outdoors, to thrill you, and to even include a little bit of risk, then this is the list for you.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord outdoor adventure: 'The ultimate rush' - FMWRC - US Army - 100730


Mountain biking

When people think about biking, they mostly imaging people cycling around urban landscapes. But if you get the right kind of bike, you can go biking on all sorts of terrain. Of course, you’re probably going to want to get accustomed to actually riding in harsher territory, because it’s absolutely nothing like your everyday cycle to the office! You’ll probably need to spend a bit of time on your uphill and downhill techniques, and may need some new safety gear, but it’s easier to get into than you think. A lot of states in the U.S. have great places to practice, and most have areas where you can test your new-gotten skills properly.

Extreme Trekking in Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, East Java, Indonesia



No, trekking and hiking aren’t two terms for the same thing, though people certainly get them mixed up. Trekking is often described as hiking taken to the next level. Hiking sees you follow a set path of sorts. With trekking, you’re taking on more challenging terrain that doesn’t necessarily have a path all nicely set out for humans. It can be riskier, but far more rewarding. The right survival gear is even more crucial here than it is with hiking. You even have to think about stronger means of carrying water, such as the Nomader water bottle.


Scuba diving

Scuba diving doesn’t always strike people as “thrilling”, mostly because it seems like a much slower activity than the others. But scuba diving can be even more thrilling than any white-knuckle activity. That’s because you’re actually stepping into a completely new world. The world is about 70% water, yet the vast majority of us never step into the realm that makes up nearly three-quarters of our planet. If you want to have an experience unlike any other, then getting into scuba diving could be for you. However, don’t underestimate it – it’s probably the most physically demanding activity here.



If you’d prefer to stay above the surface on your water-based adventures while retaining elements of thrill, then rafting could be for you. It’s very fast-paced and physically demanding and can make for an amazing group activity – specifically because it requires more teamwork than the other activities featured here. With waves crashing all around you, you and your friends need to fight to keep yourselves level as you rush through your chosen route. It’s actually a little more dangerous than people think, but there’s no denying it’s a great sport to get into if you’re willing to put in the time to get to grips with it.

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