Finding The Best Dentist In Philippines

It was just after the Christmas celebration last year, that I started having a terrible toothache. Initially, I thought it was due to all the sweets and desserts that I have been indulging in. Pain killers didn’t help much and the pain persisted.

I made an appointment with the local dental clinic and I was told that 2 of my front teeth have cavities hidden between them. The cavities look bad and I was told that I needed a root canal treatment in order to save my teeth. But I was told that the specialist was fully booked and the waiting list is very long. I couldn’t stand the throbbing pain and I can’t wait for my appointment so I have to seek treatment elsewhere.

I made a few phone calls hoping someone could recommend a good dentist to me. My cousin sister strongly recommended Dental Departures. Through Dental Departures, I checked up on each of the dentist listed near my area. I read about the dentists, their clinic, their qualifications and experiences. I also viewed the photos, procedures, prices and duration of treatment. I finally booked an appointment with a dentist through Dental Departure. Looking back, I am glad I didn’t extract my 2 front teeth and thanks to the recommendation of a friend, I found out about Dental Departures.

Now after the proper dental treatment and care, I still have my 2 beautiful front teeth and I can enjoy all my favourite food and smiled confidently. Through Dental Departure, you can find the best dentist in Philippines from Dental Departures.

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