Booking A Secret Trip

Surprising the person that you love with a break away is exciting, but it can be difficult to organise when you are trying to be spontaneously romantic!

Choosing to book a surprise city break is a wonderful gift, and if you want to be stealthy and do it without your partner finding out, check out our amazing tips below to pull off the biggest surprise of your year.

Time Off

The biggest hurdle is usually wrangling time off for your partner without telling them why you need them to take the time off. You could invent a family crisis or event that means they will need to book a few days off. You can even be semi-honest and say you’d just like to spend some time together just being yourselves away from the rigours of the office. If you are close to their employer, speak to them directly and let them know your plans and not to let anything on.

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When you book far in advance, you need to prepare as much as you can. It’s not just being spoilt for choice about where to go, it’s organising passports, international travel insurance and spending money. You need to be able to prepare the whole trip in advance without your partner knowing. It’s very Secret Squirrel!

Travel Documents

This can be an easy one if you live together. Grabbing hold of their passport for booking purposes is easy enough as you can do this while they’re at work or out for an evening. Knowing where it is to grab it the morning of your trip is also easy. The likelihood of your partner carrying their passport around is unlikely so you won’t have much of an issue there.

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Usually when you go on holiday, you would pack for yourself and they would pack for themselves, too. Go over online essentials list like this one and work out what your partner would want to take. Pack for the weather and never forget chargers and swimwear – these two are both usually forgotten items. Add a formal outfit if you plan to go somewhere snazzy.


You are booking a trip for a few days or a weekend, so choosing your location should be done carefully. City breaks are fantastic for last minute getaways and if you plan to go a little longer, check out packaged holiday options on a beach. If you have somewhere in mind, plan ahead your itineraries and make your break magical.

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There’s nothing more fun than surprising your spouse with a trip. You know them better than anyone else and guessing what they would love should be easy for you. Plan excursions in advance and go places you have always wanted to go. If you are planning to propose or anything as romantic as that, speak to a travel agency or the hotel and plan for something special while you’re away. If you’re going to have a surprise trip, going all out is the best idea you can have!

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