Bachelor Party Mistakes That I Encourage You To Avoid!

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Congratulations on getting married! From what I gather, married life is one of life’s great journeys, a journey you get to share with a special person whom you love. But, before you settle down for the foreseeable future, you have one last party to organise. Well, you best man has one last party to organise in your honour. Your bachelor should be one of the greatest nights, or weekends, of your life. Simply put, it is your ‘last night of freedom’ where you get to go wild and not worry about the consequences. Still, there are plenty of mistakes you want to avoid. After all, there are always some consequences.

Booking The Wrong Package

My understanding is that bachelor parties are becoming more popular away from home. To be honest, I think films like The Hangover may have had some influence. Still, a weekend in a foreign country is a good choice, isn’t it? Mostly it is, as long as you pick the right deal. The people at Stagit will tell you just how important the right package deal can be where bachelor parties are concerned. End up in the wrong country doing the wrong things and you might wish you were back at home, tucked up in bed.

Vegas, Whoop Whoop!

Okay, Las Vegas may be a great place to party, but it isn’t the be all and end all. In fact, if you are older than twenty-five, you might find Vegas too much hassle. Lots of bachelor parties obsess about going to the Promised Land, and sometimes the final result is underwhelming. Pick the place that suits your needs best, not the one that everyone else thinks is best.

Improvising The Whole Trip

Not many people like organised fun because it takes the fun out of… well out of fun. Still, you need a rough outline of what you are doing so can plan ahead. For example, there might be a sports event you want to attend or a big festival that looks amazing. You cannot attend these places if you don’t know that they exist. Where people go wrong is they think that any planning is absurd because improvising is best.

It isn’t.

Not Being Flexible

It is a fine line between being too organised and too flexible. When you are not flexible enough, you run the risk of taking all of the fun out of the party. Start by doing the things you have in mind, but don’t be scared to go off the beaten track. Sometimes, the best times are the spontaneous ones that you don’t expect.

Invite Everyone

The more the merrier? No! More people than you can handle turns a fun night or weekend into an administrative nightmare. Trying to get fifty guys to do one thing is a nightmare and I don’t recommend you try.

Telling Everyone What Happened

Within reason, your fiancé is happy for you to enjoy your bachelor party. But, they don’t want to hear about every gory detail. Just like you wouldn’t want to hear about what she did for her bachelorette party.

A good motto to stick by is what happens on the bachelor party stays on the bachelor party. You don’t want to be thinking about divorce before you are married!

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