Bachelor Be Gone!

There’s plenty of advice out there for older women in the dating game. There are self-help books, and movies about bachelorettes making a comeback. We assume they’ll be alone forever, and then they meet the man of their dreams. But, you see a lot less about how older men can keep their dating game strong. In fact, the only older single guys we see on screen are bachelors who are still playing the field in an attempt to keep a grip on their youth. What the media seem to have forgotten are those of us who are single through no choice of our own. It may be that we were players when we were younger and forgot to settle. Or, we may have been unlucky in love. Either way, we thought it was about time single guys got a little help!

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Rule #1 in the older dating book – keep yourself looking good. We all know this is easier said than done. The wrinkles come, the belly gets larger, and age starts to feel inevitable. But, you aren’t going to attract the ladies if you let things slide. Instead, watch what you eat and get into a regular workout routine. A potential love interest is sure to appreciate abs and six packs over a beer belly. Think, too, about using skin products. We know, it seems like a dirty word. But, it’ll make a huge difference to your appearance. And, let’s not forget the dreaded loss of hair. If you notice yourself thinning, research causes of hair loss in men and do everything you can to avoid the problem. Your bald head may attract the eye, but possibly not in the way you’re intending.

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You aren’t going to meet the one you love if you sit at home all night. Yes, your clubbing days may be behind you. But that’s no reason you can’t still get out and about. It’s hard when your friends have settled and have to be home early to put the kids in bed. But, it’s crucial that you keep putting yourself out there. All you need to do is reassess your options. An older man in a nightclub is going to look more creepy than cool. Instead, it might be worth signing up for a night class of some sort. This gives you the chance to learn a new skill, and meet a woman with similar interest to you!

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The playboy thing may have worked when you were in your twenties, but older women are not attracted to immature guys. You need to start acting your age. Don’t fall into the trap of playing the love games of your younger years. Older women like to know where they stand. Chances are, they won’t have the patience, or heart, to chase after you anymore. Instead, you need to treat them the way they deserve. Wine and dine them. Act like the mature gentleman you are!

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