A Guide To Moving From A Big Apartment To A Smaller One

There comes a time in life when we have to make a change – and it might not be one that we welcome. It’s estimated that the average person will move home seven times in their life, but that’s likely to be a figure that keeps on growing. Many millennials may find themselves having to move multiple times just to be able to find work, and buying a home might be far out of their reach until they are in their 40s.

The moving itself is problematic enough, but sometimes, needs must. You might find yourself having to move to another city or into an area you don’t like, but there’s one problem that is the worst of all: when you have to move somewhere smaller. It might be because you’re moving to a more expensive area and your money doesn’t go as far, or you’re moving in a rush and have to take what you can get – but there’s no doubt that it happens.

Going through this process is time-consuming and exhausting. You have to try and distil all of your belongings into a smaller space, which inevitably means some things are going to be left behind. When it comes to managing this process, you need to have a thorough strategy in mind – otherwise you might find yourself moving and realizing you’ve left something essential behind!

The “Three Lists” Solution


The best way of making sure you’re prioritizing the right items to move with you is to make three distinct lists. They are:

List One: The Essentials

Compile this list over the course of a few days. Every time you use something in your current apartment – be it cooking equipment or just sitting on a piece of furniture – put it on the list. If you do this for two days, you’ll soon have a list of all the things you really need and actively use. These are the things you’re going to want to prioritize with the movers and ensure that they get to their new home safely.

List Two: The “Like It But Not Essential”

This list should involve all of the things you like but – with your most rational head on – know that you could live without.

Try and see this move as an opportunity for a monumental decluttering session. You can go through your belongings and your closet and see what you actually use. Another area to attack is the kitchen; you might have accumulated a lot of gadgets that you don’t use often and are just cluttering up space. If you’re ruthless, you’ll soon begin to narrow everything down into a much smaller space.

If you really can’t see yourself parting with an item, then it goes onto this list. When you have got the essentials moved in and found a new home for them, you can begin to work down this list.

List Three: The Junk List

Through the process of going through items and deciding which of the first two lists they belong to, you’ll soon find yourself with a lot of leftover. Don’t just throw these items out; write them down. When you’ve finishing cataloging everything, go through this list and see if anything can be recycled, donated, or even sold for a profit. After all, just because it’s junk for you doesn’t mean someone won’t want it!


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