7 Reasons To Visit San Francisco This Year

San Francisco has something of a reputation. And given that it is only the fourth biggest city in California, it punches well above its weight.

The city emerged as a cultural mecca as a result of its unique heritage and political history. Now the city revels in its former success and is going from strength to strength.

For tourists, the city has always been a popular destination. But why? Here are some of the top reasons you should visit San Francisco.

The Attractions

Like most major cities, San Francisco has a large number of attractions. No visit to the city could be complete without a trip across the bay to Alcatraz island. You can see this once-infamous Federal jail up close and personal.

Then, of course, is the iconic Golden Gate bridge. This feat of engineering stands 65 stories high and is over 4200 feet long.

Then there are a host of other attractions, including Pier 39, Chinatown and the Exploratorium. There is something here for everyone.

The Accommodation

The accommodation in San Francisco is as eclectic as the culture. There are grand hotels, shabby chic hotels and everything in between. You can find vacation rentals in San Francisco rather easily too.

The Entertainment

Because San Francisco is such a unique place, it plays host to some rather exciting events. This April we have the fourth annual Transamerica Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon. Then there is the Swinging Skirts LGPA Classic golf event that will see some 100 of the world’s top golfers descending on the city. Add to that the town’s hosting of the International Film Festival, and the city’s reputation is well deserved.

The Culture

Thanks to its unique history, San Francisco is one of the most unique places in all of the US. Whereas other cities, like New York, are diverse because of their immense size, San Francisco is diverse because of its roots. Its links to the Atlantic and as a trading hub mean that things like food are highly varied.

The Transportation

 photo San_Francisco_Cable_Car_on_California_Street_zpsco21mvvb.jpg


California’s fourth largest city has some of the most innovative public transport in the world. And that’s despite the steep streets that cascade down to the Pacific Ocean.

You can take a trip to San Francisco by above-ground Muni trains. Or you can hop into a street car, or even use a boat to get around. In that regard, it’s almost like a European city.

The Shopping

One of the main attractions of the city is the shopping. The city’s famous Union Square hosts one of the largest shopping districts in the whole of the US.

Here you’ll find the usual parade of shops you’d find anywhere else. But if you delve a little deeper into the city’s back streets, you’ll find some unique shops and boutiques. If you’re somebody that hates the generic, San Francisco is a great place for shopping.

The Outdoors

Finally, the city is surrounded by beautiful countryside. If you visit San Francisco, be sure to take your walking boots. You never know, you might need them when traversing the local hills.

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