5 Good Reasons To Move To A City

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Urban life isn’t for everyone. There are many cons to consider such as higher cost of living, greater air pollution, greater noise pollution and often higher crime rates. However, there are also many pros to living in a city. If you’ve been considering packing your bags and making the move, here are some of the reasons for leaving rural life that should be on your mind.

Making new friends

Living in a small town or rural community can often be limiting when it comes to having a social life, more so when you’re younger. Cities are by their very nature full of people, giving you countless opportunities to meet new friends, business contacts or even potential life partners. There are clubs and groups for every interest and plenty of bars and hangouts for all kinds of people. For those feeling isolated or in need of some new contacts, moving to the city is recommended.

Cutting out the commute

If you currently commute into the city but live on the outskirts, fuel prices or train fares could be costing you a lot of your wage, not to mention the time that it takes to commute. Living in the city you may not always save money due to higher living costs, however you will give yourself more free time. There are many companies that offer short term rentals which may be ideal for giving you a taster of city living allowing you to see exactly how much you benefit as opposed to living rurally. By living closer, you may even be able to walk or bike to work, improving your fitness.

Access to better jobs

Whilst there are more jobs in the city, competition can often be even fiercer. However, the calibre of jobs is likely to be much better. You’re more likely to find a job suited to your interests and goals. Cities may also have many easily accessible training and qualification courses that can allow you to broaden your skills. It’s recommended that you find a job first before making the move so that you have the security of an income first. However, those with the finances behind them may be able to do this the other way around.

Access to better schools

If you’ve got kids, it’s likely that cities are going to have a better choice of schools. Many (but not all) of the most prestigious schools are also located in cities. If your small town or village doesn’t have any good schools nearby, moving to the city could a way of improving your choice.

Access to better healthcare

Cities will always have hospitals on their doorsteps. If you need regular medical checkups and are sick of travelling miles to see a doctor, moving to a city could give you better access to the care you need. You may even be able pick and choose your hospital or find a specialised clinic to your needs rather than simply making do with the only local care you’ve got.


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