4 Essential Reminders To Give New Party Hosts Before Their Big Day

Preparation is the key to success in everything in life. But as much as you know how to go about your business, your party hosts may not quite be up to scratch. It’s a big occasion for them to shine, but nerves and organisation issues can always come into play. It is vital, then, that you help your party hosts to prepare as well as possible for their event. Here are four reminders that you should always give your hosts in the buildup to their party.

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Run through every product

Your presentations will be the focal point of the evening, of course. But your host can also play a vital role in pushing those products – and will be able to do so with the right knowledge. Not everyone is suited to standing in front of groups of people and talking about products. But I believe that everyone can do it, and all it takes is the confidence you get from knowledge – and practice. Make sure your host knows those products inside and out and get them to focus on the benefits, rather than features or ingredients. It’s much easier to remember that product x is great for your skin, for example, than it is to remember every last ingredient in a formula. Run through the products with them at least a few times before the party to ensure clarity and confidence.

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Go through the order process

Will your host be taking orders? If so, never assume they will understand how to fill out their order forms correctly. Inexperienced party planners can often run into problems when they don’t run through the order process with their hosts. It can result in the waste of an entire evening, lots of planning, and a significant drain on your resources. Run through a few different scenarios with them, and also explain their host rewards programme to make sure they are clear.

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Talk about health and safety

Do not forget to go through health and safety issues with your host. It won’t be something they even consider, particularly if they are starting out in business for the first time. Accidents happen, unfortunately, and when they do, you and the host must be prepared. If you are working for a parent company, they should provide you with information about what to do in the event of an accident. Learn it – and make sure you host understands, too. If you are selling privately, you might benefit from finding a source of first class health and safety advice. Again, make sure you both know who to contact in the event of an emergency and understand what you need to do. Run through a few scenarios with your host so that everything comes naturally.



Remind them about invitations

Your host may not be as keen as you to ensure a full house at the event. It can sometimes take some coaxing for them to get out of their shells – and it’s something you can help them with. However, there’s a delicate balance to strike. You need to encourage rather than pressurise, so avoid going over the top. Always talk about the benefits of inviting more guests – what can the host expect in return? Finally, make sure they understand that this party is a fantastic opportunity, and their chances of succeeding rely on a full house.

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