Your Ultimate 8-Point Moving Checklist



You’ve just purchased your dream property and you have everything prepared to move. Or so you think. Moving house can be a colossal undertaking, and often the smaller responsibilities can evade our grasp. Not only does purchasing the new property or signing the new mortgage take time, but getting everything ready for the move in date can seem like the ultimate hurdle.

It’s best to be well prepared, and attack your movies duties from every angle. One thing that you might consider to have been completed might actually not have done, and the last place you want to realise you forgot to bring your bed covers is when you’re actually read to set your head down for sleep. You also don’t want to realise that you’ve forgotten your dog when you’ve travelled 300 miles.

Never fear, for this list is the Ultimate Moving Checklist. Refer to it if moving a family, or just moving yourself. This list, properly followed, will allow you to avoid the fate of Kevin McAllister and family from the popular ‘Home Alone’ movie series.

  1. How Many Are You Moving?

It’s an important point to consider. If it’s only you moving with your significant other, you might have a more convenient experience than someone moving a family of seven. Do you have any pets? Considerably more thought needs to be put in if you do.

Depending on how far you’re travelling to the new location, your pet might need different arrangements made for it. If it’s only an hour or two of driving, your dog will probably be fine in the back of the car, or your cat might be fine in their pet carrier. However, if you’re moving abroad, you need to identify what papers your family and pets need to have covering them, as well as reasonable rest time. It’s tempting to want to get to your new destination as fast as possible; but using reason and caution here is key. Moving to a completely different life is challenging for all, so try and make it a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

  1. How Are You Planning To Travel There?

Are you driving? Are you flying? Are you taking the train? A mix of all three? Plan, plan and then re-plan your entire journey, taking note of rest stops, places to eat, if you need to stay somewhere overnight or not, but also make sure that you’re going to arrive at your new home before the storage transport guys do. Which leads onto the next point…

  1. Do You Have Good Storage Transport?

Make sure you’ve hired the best house removalists, with the best reviews. They are carrying the possessions you’ve accumulated over the course of your life. The treatment of your belongings is directly responsible for how good of a first week you have in your new home. Just be sure to pay them respect and arrive at the property before they do. If you’re not traveling a huge distance, it’s also a good idea to have one of your family or moving party ride with them in their vehicle, to help with directions and unloading the items. This also ensures that if there’s some hold up with the rest of the family, you’ll be able to waste no time moving your stuff in for the ready access to the property you’ll provide.

Make sure that they’re aware of any special instructions you might have, and if you’re asking for an outlandish request like moving six grand pianos, be sure to offer some more money for the effort provided.

  1. What Are The Responsibilities You Have To Those Moving Into Your Home?

Have you tidied the garden and vegetable patch? Have you left the home in a clean state, free from your personal belongings? Have you left them the furniture you agreed you would? Are there any home repairs you’ve been meaning to get to for a while but haven’t found the time? Now would be the time to take care of all of it. You want to leave your home in a respectable condition that allows the next family or couple to make memories there as you have.

  1. Have You Cancelled All Home Services?

Taking a few minutes to ensure that your energy services are closed or closing around your moving date can help you prevent a costly bill later. Don’t overlook this. Most companies will be able to set you up in the new house with the same payment plan and package that you were originally using. Be sure to contact them all and find out what options they offer. Try and get the best deal.

  1. Notify Your Neighbors

It’s only polite to let your neighbors know you’re moving and that they can expect new residents nearby, even if you’re not the closest friends with them. Doing so allows you to live with fellow-feeling and goodwill, and will positively impact your last memories there.

  1. Check Your Insurance

Checking the values of your home items and seeing if your insurance packages give you moving insurance is worth checking out. No matter how well intentioned or careful the moving staff is, things can break without anyone being at fault. Making Sure you’re covered here will avoid any unnecessary complications down the line.

  1. Get Some Help

As said before, moving is a gargantuan undertaking. You are setting up your new life in a new area, and you’re going to have a lot to do to make this a reality. Asking for help from family and friends to get all this under wraps isn’t just a good idea, it’s necessary. The second pair of observant eyes may notice that you haven’t contacted your gas company, or that the attic is in a state of disrepair through all of the moving activity. Be sure to do a once, twice, and thrice-over look at the property before you leave, and make sure it’s locked tight before you do.

If you follow these steps accurately, you’ll have limited troubles with moving. Making sure that the entire upheaval is as smooth as possible falls to you, but after you do, a whole new world awaits.

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