Three Ways You Can Stamp Your Home With Personality

Your personality is something you express in different ways. Your work wardrobe may show the side of you that is professional, sharp and uniform. Your casual wardrobe will reflect your laid-back side. The way you decorate and furnish your home is no exception here, as we stamp our personality in every room, every colour and every accessory we use.

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Your living room is your social zone in your house. It’s the place you entertain your visitors and your family. It’s the place you kick back and relax and the place you catch up on the latest boxset of your favourite TV show. It’s the part of the home that is most visible, to guests and to yourself, and so it should be a place you take pride in. People will judge the way you decorate it, even though they shouldn’t, so it has to reflect your personality. If you want to learn how you can thread your personality into your home, take note of these seven steps:

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Colours: Colour choices for your home say a lot about you as a person. If your favourite colour is deep, seductive red, then it’s likely you’re a romantic, warm person. Or a serial killer! If you are someone who loves to wear bright colours, then a bright home is going to reflect that. Darker colour choices can show you to be very edgy, very forward and far more extrovert than most. Light colours should be used by those who are more sophisticated, love their space and are confident in their ability to avoid drink spillage.

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Furniture: Choosing your furniture is always an exciting part of decorating a home, but be smart about it. When you shop for your living room, think about what your furniture says about you. Luxury Duresta sofas and chairs will tell people you love having guests over and love to dip your toe in a little luxury. A comfortable room means you are a person who values comfort and cosiness. If you prefer furniture that looks very modern and very posh, with sharper edges, you may be the sort of person who still wears their high heels in the house. It’s all about finding a great balance.

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Rugs: Most people don’t think about the importance of their flooring, but they’re just as important as the colours you put on the walls or the furniture you fill the house with. Old, shaggy carpets can reflect your personality and make you seem like the old and shaggy one! If you walk into a house and the carpet is full of crumbs and stains, it says a lot about the people who live there and their lack of hygiene. Go bright and bold with your rugs, depending on the room they’re for, and your guests will know that you are a bright and bold person who is proud of their house!

Your personality can be shone through every corner of your house. So, take the time to make sure it does!

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