The One And Only Bedroom Guide

Bedrooms shouldn’t be all that hard to put together. Unfortunately, it looks like they are for some. Especially if you’re moving into a new and unfurnished place for the first time. Not to worry though. This handy guide is here to show you the way. We’ll be taking you through the essentials, and a few extra pieces you might want to add to your room for a bit of extra flair. Remember though, don’t make it too cluttered.

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Walls & Floors

You need to find yourself some carpet samples and a colour chart first of all. Don’t pick up the paint roller just yet. Head down to your local hardware or home improvement store. They should have what you need.

If in doubt where anything is, be sure to ask staff for directions. They’ll point you the right way.

Once you’ve found something you like, it’s time to paint. Remember to keep the area well ventilated, paint fumes can make you dizzy.

Get A Bed

It wouldn’t be a bedroom without one of these. Get yourself a single mattress online and a base to place it on. You could go for a wooden bed with slats or a divan bed with storage space. You could get a metal frame too if you wanted.

A good bed means a good night of sleep.


You’ve got to put your dirty clothes somewhere. Instead of just piling them all on the floor like a student, put them in hampers instead. It’ll keep your room clean, plus it’ll make it easy to carry it all to the washing machine. No more of taking clothes to the washing machine in bundled handfuls.

Curtains Or Blinds

Blinds are pretty good if you don’t have to deal with particularly strong sunlight in the late evening and early morning. If you are on the side of the house that faces away from the sun, you should be fine. If not, you may need to get some thick and heavy curtains to blot out the light while you try to sleep.

Summers are quite bad for this. Too much light coming into your room might affect your sleeping. Know where the sun faces, and then make your decision about curtains or blinds.


You’ve got to find somewhere to put your things. A quick trip to an IKEA should yield a few options for storage. Ideally you want something lightweight so it can be moved around in the future. If you want to go for something more stationary and stylish, get yourself a wooden wardrobe.

Cabinets and storage units can also come in handy if you’ve got other things to pack away. It could be DVDs, games, books, and so on.


It’s probably a good idea to get yourself a bedside table and a lamp. Overhead lights can be a little too strong sometimes. They’ll make you less sleepy and keep you alert. Get a lamp with a soft, low light. Not enough to perk you up, but just about enough to read a book with.

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