Summer Home Decors

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Summer is fast approaching and I know mostly mums out there are pretty excited to change their home decors as to corporate the season into it.

Others are fond to the basic decors while others are pretty wild by using some variant colors that can gives lively feels to the home alone. As for me, I prefers our home to be unique and quirky as possible by putting up some neon colors into many corners and even putting up some kind of summer accessories that can serve as the main accentual for the whole home. I am actually thinking off now on what center piece should I use in the home lobby for the guest to feel the summer ambiance inside our home. Okay, I might put up an surfing board or perhaps a coconut trees, of course the fake one not the tall kind of coconut tree.

 photo Dreaming-for-the-summer_zpsvqtgjoqo.jpg

Also, I’ll ask mum if we could change the linen as well the bed sheet for some colors as well, even on the sofa set they should be in colored too as for the summer feels to be implemented. Really! there’re a lot of things we should do for our home to be in trend  and feel welcomed just know what are these best things to have in such particular season.

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