Problems That Stop You Keeping Your Home Clean, And What You Can Do About Them

Keeping your home clean and tidy can have many benefits. Not only is a more pleasant environment to live in, but it is also better for your health and stress levels.

The problem is that keeping any home clean and tidy can be isn’t an easy job. If you feel you home could be tighter or more clean then read on to see if you are falling into the trap of making any of these common mistakes.

Being Lazy

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The fact of the matter is some people are failing to keep their homes clean because they can’t be bothered to put in the world that this takes. Regularly vacuuming, dusting, washing and tidying can take up a lot of time and energy.

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Of course, this is a personal choice, and no one can tell you how to live in your own home. But if there is very little than can be done for someone that can’t really be bothered to get to grips with the cleaning.

Perhaps the only thing that they can do to make a positive change is to employ a professional cleaner. Luckily they will provide a spotless clean for your home, so perhaps it will motivate the owner to keep it that way.

Being Too Busy

A real problem for most people nowadays is that they are simply too busy to keep on top of all the jobs that need doing in and around the home. This can lead to a messy and dirty home very quickly.

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While it is difficult to make time for chores, when you are working full time, it is essential. You’ll only cause yourself more stress and work in the long run, by not setting aside some specific time in which to clean the house.

Little and often works best here. 10 minutes a day is enough time to pick up any stray objects around the house, and pop a load of washing in the machine. Which means when it comes to the weekend you won’t have to spend all your Saturday on catching up with housework.

Being Disorganized

Another major issue that stops your home from being tidy and clean is if you are disorganized. If you don’t know where things should go then, it makes it so much harder to pack away properly once you have stopped using them. That is why the old adage “a place for everything and everything it it’s place work so well.”

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If every item has a correct place to be housed, them it is easy to see if it is out of place and causing a mess. It’s also easy to take the few seconds to put it away, rather than passing it over and leaving it where it lies.

Being Too Nice

Another difficulty is that there is a problem in communication within the household. This often manifests as the person that is lumbered with all the cleaning being too nice to remind everyone else of the jobs that they need to do.

If this is happening in your home, set very clear expectations on what you will do and what others are required to do. Do not do it for them if it doesn’t get done, but continue to leave it until they notice that it is building up.

If they are totally oblivious to the problem, then have a house meeting and remind them in a nice way that they have agreed to do certain jobs. Emphasize that it is unfair that you are doing yours while they are neglecting theirs.

If you are dealing with kids, you can have a chores chart on the wall, where they can tick off once they have done a job. You can reward them for so many ticks with a treat or for older kids their allowance.

While it can help to have a schedule on the wall, if you are living in a house of adults be careful that they do not see this as babying them and so buck against it.

Trying To Do It All

Another common issue that prevents your home being as clean and tidy as you would like is if you are trying to do too much. Most people work all day, gave t commute and then go to the gym, so they don’t have much energy left to then clean the house from top to toe when they get in.

Is something that is affecting your ability to stay on top of household chores? Then why not consider staggering your visits to the gym for every second day.

You are actually meant to have a rest day between workouts. Then this will also give you some time to deal with how your home look as well as working on your own appearance. You can even put some high-intensity music on and use your cleaning session as a cardio workout!

Leaving It All To Do At Once

Lastly, a major block to getting the clean and tidy house that you want is saving all of your cleanings up for a single session. How difficult is it to get motivated to clean and today the entire house in one go? If you’ve ever done it, I’m sure you’ll realize it’s almost impossible.

That’s why it is essential to go with the little and often method. It’s much better to do a little here and there than to save it all up for a miserable day at the weekend.

In fact, you can actually plan in which jobs you will do each day. This will save you a load of time and effort, as most things don’t actually need to be done on a daily basis.

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In fact, keeping on top of the washing through the work works particularly well. This is because it means that you don’t grind to a halt if the weather is bad on the one day you do decide to do it. So you can get much more done.

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