Make Your Home Look And Feel Bigger With These Tips

Adding floor space to your home is never easy. It involves a fair bit of planning and money. But making your home look and feel bigger is actually a lot easier than you might think. Yes, it involves a bit of effort, but it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Here are some pro tips to make your home feel more spacious.

Declutter The Entryway

Wall of Shelves


Removing clutter from small rooms is just about the best thing you can do to help open up your home. Taking furniture out of the hallway and bringing it into the living room maximizes the space. If you need to store things like hats, coats, and bags in your entryway, consider adding in-built shelving. This will help to add vertical interest to the space and show off any architectural detailing.

Renovate Doorways


Jeffrey Blum from a design studio in New York says that many people think about removing entire walls before enlarging a door. But in his opinion, enlarging a doorway can be just as effective in many situations.

The idea is to make the doorway feel as wide and as tall as possible, given height and width constraints. This creates an open plan feel when the door is open, even if the house has dividing walls. Blum says that homeowners can amplify the look by adding things like recessed lighting, a window above the doorway and wooden paneling around the door frame.

Build A Second Building

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Another way to make your home look and feel bigger is to add additional buildings. Ranches and farm houses are rarely a single building. Rather, they’re a complex of multiple buildings and feel bigger as a result. There’s been some talk about Armstrong in the press recently, a company that makes steel outbuildings for the residential market. Forbes has them on their radar as one of their growth businesses, and it’s partly down to the fact that people want more utility space in their homes. Getting stuff out of the house and to another location really makes a big difference and so it might be worth investing in a second building or annex.

Make Small Rooms More Pleasing

Sometimes, there isn’t much you can do about the square footage in your home. But even if a room can’t be made any bigger, there are things you can do, besides covering the walls with mirrors, to make it feel larger.

If you’ve got French double doors, throw them open. Also, buy in reflective furniture or tiles and give a sense of space by creating depth to all the objects. Polished marble on the floor works really well in this regard.

Use Oversized Flooring

If you’ve ever been into a bathroom with mosaic tiles, you’ll have noticed that the room itself is often very large (usually because it’s part of a luxury home). But it turns out, at least according to the World Floor Covering Association, that smaller tiles actually make small rooms look smaller. Their advice is to splash out on the largest tiles that you can afford, no matter what the pattern to provide an optical illusion of size and space.

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