Lovely Touches: Beautiful Unique Additions For Your Cherished Home

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A happy home makes a happy person. It’s amazing how much a good few investments and efforts in decorating a home space can improve our mood when we’re unwinding there. A beautiful home can increase the beauty of your familial interactions. If you’ve just moved into a new home, perhaps you’d love to really make it your own. Perhaps the redecoration you’ve just embarked on, while lovely, is missing that certain something.

There’s always something you can tweak, and you should do until you’re completely happy with your home. After all, this is the place that displays your personality and tells the world who you are. It’s where you raise your family. It’s where memories are made.

This list will help you add some lovely touches to your home that you might not have considered before. Even the most creative and loving traditional family can make use of this list.

Upgrade The Fireplace

The fireplace, real or fake, is the centerpiece for your living room (aside from the television!) This is the fixture that gives your living room a feeling of warmth in the winter, or just a cool aesthetic when unwinding in the evening. Depending on how well maintained the last owner kept the fireplace, it might be worth an upgrade. If you’re more into retro chic, consider getting a genuine log-burner. You’ll save a massive amount of heating cost if you’re willing to hire a chimney sweep semi-regularly (yes they are still a thing.)

If your home is more modern, consider going for an electric fireplace. Some of them have different color options, and some of them even have screens which are virtually indistinguishable from a real fire. The ambiance of your living room will thank you.

Design A Sign For Your Home

Designing a specialist sign and graphic for your home is a brilliant way to announce to the neighborhood that the house is newly occupied. Using a professional service like cooltone could be the ticket here, as you don’t want to do a shoddy job where introducing your property is concerned.

Grow A Butterfly Garden

This can be a great activity for the kids as well as lending your flowers a beautiful, ethereal look. It’s cheap and easy to raise a butterfly school, you can purchase a caterpillar kit you keep outside, and if you feed them everyday they’ll soon blossom into beautiful butterflies. Just don’t get too upset if they fly away to greener pastures.

Improve The Fencing

You don’t need to install the traditional white picket fence (though it does look good) to give the exterior of your property a face lift. Purchasing and installing new fencing can give your property a sense of security and stability. It also helps prevent unruly pets from other properties coming over and interfering with your children. You never know what could happen in a new neighborhood, so it’s best to be safe.

Interesting Lighting

You might have beautiful, warm lighting throughout your home. But have you really gotten truly creative? Remember, light does help illuminate a room, but it can also create patterns and beautiful ambiances. These beautiful lighting fixtures should give you some ideas of what would fit in your home.

Garden Features

You don’t need a 20-foot monument to Neptune to make your garden look impressive. A standard pond or water feature can bring your garden a feeling of zen bliss and tranquility. If you’re a serial relaxer, a nice hammock or set of deck chairs might do you well. Or, if your kids have more energy than they seem to know what to do with, purchasing a trampoline or garden frame might help your kids tire out before bed.

A Herb Garden

This is a great place to teach your kids about nature and how it develops, as well as providing you with a cost-effective way to add herbs to the dishes coming out of your kitchen. Just make sure you keep it tidy and free from weeds! The spring is the best time to start one of these.

Special Bedrooms For Your Kids

Theming the bedrooms of your children can have a fantastic effect on the overall aesthetic of your house. Having a pirate ship bedroom is probably the coolest thing an 8-year-old boy can have.

Garden Pathways & Cultivation

You don’t need the perfect garden just yet, anyone even slightly versed in garden maintenance or just plain common sense will understand that these things take time. Put you can lay the foundations now. Planting small trees, adding in patio slabs and pebbles for gravel, as well as designing what elevations you’d like to implement can become a fantastic pet project for anyone with a green thumb. Modern designs allow you to get fully creative. Asymmetrical paths can sometimes look better than normal, rudimentary ones for example. Using bricks for a pathway can give you a rustic look if you’ve applied them tastefully.

A Pet Sanctuary

This doesn’t mean adopting local disadvantaged wildlife, but if you do have space maybe you could do it. What we mean by this is having a place for your cat or dog to play and rest that’s separate from the rest of the family. This will help prevent hairs on the furniture and rodents being brought into the property.

Keep Chickens

If you have a space in the garden, keeping chickens in a correctly sized chicken hut, and letting them roam around the garden can be a great way to give your garden that extra something. You’ll also be able to claim an amount of eggs per week which can help reduce your grocery shopping bill. Just be mindful to clean their pen often (at least once or twice a week,) and be mindful that your garden might have a few loose feathers and waste on it from time to time.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you wow your neighbors and give your home the extra love and attention it deserves. Every home you live in should be the best home yet. So what are you waiting for?

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