How To Put Your Personality Into A Room

For those of us that work in an office, it’s easy to become very bored with our surroundings. Offices tend to be drab and lack any sort of personality. Lots of us take in photo frames of loved ones to sit on the desk. But you can go further than that. You can do quite a lot more to put a splash of your personality and identity into your work space.

If you’re in an open-plan office, you might have only your desk to declare as your own. There are rarely any rules preventing you adding a few little touches to help you feel more at home in the workplace, though. You could start with a table runner across the desk. This adds a splash of color to the room. And why not add a favorite plant to nurture?

Instead of a traditional photo frame, why not have a photo tree or even a digital frame that will show you more pictures? Themed photo frames can help you add a little quirkiness or interest to your desk space. After all, you’re there for eight hours every day. You want it to be fun and unique to you.

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You can do the same for your home office too. You might be lucky enough to have an entire room to yourself at home. Paint the walls in a color that enhances your mood or reflects your personality. Choose wallpapers, or even cover a wall with pictures of things from your travel days or childhood.

If you are looking to put your own stamp on a space then adding objects and ornaments that represent your interests can help. These items say a lot about your personality too. They can turn any space into a unique and homely area. If you have a love for music, why not pop an old instrument on the wall? Or if you love transport, grab some Atlas Editions Collectables to adorn your desk and shelves.

Objects that reflect your interests, passions and personality can help brighten a room. You can feel more comfortable working there, and even become more productive. Best of all, it helps other people get to know you, your tastes, and your interests. It helps you become more approachable, and it gives you plenty to talk about with like-minded colleagues!

Personalizing the spaces you use can be a great way to feel more comfortable in them. It’s about embracing what is important to you in life. You can remind yourself every day why you’re working hard too! Collectables and themed ornaments might be inspiring to you. Or they may just be decorative and stylish. The point is they’re yours, and they are about you and your tastes.

There are many reasons for wanting to add a touch of personality to a room you spend a lot of time in. One good reason to do it is to help you feel more confident about being you. Just a few touches can help you feel good about being surrounded by the things that make you who you are. And we should all be inspired by that. See what decor changes you can make today to bring a little bit more of you to the room.

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