How To Create The Ultimate Man Cave

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Whether you are looking to renovate the basement, fill the kids bedroom that has just gone off to college or perhaps just make the most of your garage space, why not consider creating the ultimate man cave.

All us blokes deserve to a little space in the house, that we can call our own, so here are our simple tips on turning any space into an awesome male space that you can unwind, chill and indulge yourself.

Mini Sports

No man cave is a complete without some miniature sized sports games to give it that manly, athletic vibe. So why not consider hanging up a miniature basketball hoop, or set up a football table. Depending on what your favourite sports are, jump online and see what minature versions you can have fitted out in your man space. Look for the best foosball tables, the coolest electrical pitt and putt machines and the sturdies basketball hoops and then think about the areas that you could best place them around the room, without driving the others in your house, or even your neighbours, completely crazy.

Beer O Clock

With all that miniature sport you are surely going to build up quite a thirst. So why not consider decking out your own private bar for you and your buddies to hang out at after a long hard, day at work. Creating a bar, in a room in your house, doesn’t have to cost the earth and can even be made from cheap (sometimes free, if you can find them from markets after they are closing up) wooden pallets. Look up a couple of easy to follow DIY videos and see if you think you’d be up to the task of building your very own bar area to enjoy a couple of chilled beers at the end of the day.

Entertainment Area

So you have the sports sorted, you’ve got the bar area up and running, so now you are going to want to think about creating a super chilled, relaxation and entertainment area. Think about the area in your man cave room that would best be for just chilling out, and then which area would be the best to put a TV and entertainment centre. It may sound a little indulgent to add, yet another TV to your house, but let’s be honest, no man cave is a pure man cave, without being able to watch all the best sporting games and your favourite movies.

If you’re worried about your budget stretching to a new TV and DVD or blu ray set, fret not, just jump online to one of the many second hand apps, and see what bargains you can find in your local area, that you can pick up for a fraction of the original price. You are going to need a sofa that is worthy of all the many hours you are going to spend relaxing and having some quality man time. Again, if you are worried about buying an expensive sofa, brand new, just jump online and see what second hand bargains you can find to get the ultimate man cave throne, fit for a man cave king.

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