Home Maintenance You Might Need To Carry Out Right Now

Looking after our home can become an all-consuming task. To make sure your house is always in its best condition, you could have to do small DIY projects continually. While some people might enjoy tinkering away in their home, others aren’t so keen. So if you don’t want to – or just don’t have much time on your hands – you might only want to do the bare essentials. Here’s a guide to maintenance that you should prioritize.

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Check For Damp

Damp can sneak up on your home without you even realizing it. It is caused when there is an excess of moisture in the air in your home. It can also be caused by leaking pipes, rain entering the property, and rising damp from basements. Damp can cause unsightly stains on your walls, but it also has a more serious side as it can cause health problems. There are various ways you can treat damp. To get rid of it, you could buy a dehumidifier, try moisture content readings, or check your home for leaks.

Treat Woodworm

If you have lots of wooden furnishings, you may already be aware of woodworm. These little pests burrow into wood to make a home for themselves. If they get into your home, they may end up in your tables and chairs. They aren’t a threat to us and don’t bite. However, they can eat away at the wood so much that your furniture could break or become unusable. How do you know if you have woodworm? Look for small holes in your furniture, as well as bore dust. Sometimes, you may even be able to notice their eggs.

Test Your Smoke and Fire Alarms

This one if very important. Make sure you regularly check that the batteries in your smoke and fire alarms are still working. Doing this will keep your family safe. It is very easy to check this. Each alarm should have a small red button located somewhere on it. Simply press this, and the alarm should go off for a minute. If it doesn’t, or it sounds slightly faded, you will need to replace the batteries. Make sure you always have a spare set of batteries in your home; they could come in useful for fixing other problems too!

Unused Sinks And Toilets

This applies if you have any guest bathrooms that are rarely used. If a sink or toilet hasn’t been used in a while, simply run water from the taps or flush the toilet. This prevents any dirt and grime from building up in the pipes and taps. Preventing to do this could cause a build up. This, in turn, could lead to a bad aroma. It also means that you won’t have any stagnant water sitting in the toilet for a long time. This could also cause a nasty smell. Another benefit of running water through unused sinks is that it will prevent spiders from climbing the plug hole!

If you carry out these small jobs regularly, your home will look great!

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